Archives: Keep it movin'

  • When: 20180201
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Submac, TripleOption
  • Deflator and Dreamliner completed a 3.44 mile Early Bird (should have logged the 0.06 miles to get to 3.5!) and joined Submac and TripleOption for QuackQuackHonk.  Theme of the Q was to “keep it movin'”.  So we did.

    Warm-o-rama:  SSHX44 IC, Arm Circles X15 forward X15 backward; Merkin 1.5’s X15, Helos X15; Mountain Climbers X20.   

    The Thang:

    Mosey to ramp for Mission Impossible (PAX squat while one traverses parallel brick wall)

    Mosey to mini golf course and bear crawl all 9 holes

    Mosey to parking lot and paint it

    Perform 4 exercises in parking lot:  Flutter Merk (5 Merkins, roll to back for 5 Flutter Kicks, repeat for about 50′); Burpee Broad Jumps; Crab Walk; Jump Jax

    Mosey to small hill next to strip mall and do 15 backward up, forward down jogs (avoid the mud!)

    Mosey to pond and do high tempo 11’s (Merkins – Big Boys)

    Mosey to tennis courts and perform 5 exercises back and forth:  side lunge, walking hillbillies, side lunge, walking imperial walkers, frankensteins

    Mosey to picnic tables for Mary:  Flutter kicks, leg raises, crunchy frogs, Captain Thor

    Mosey to flags for Count, Name, and COT:  YHC relayed struggle with “being present” amid work distractions, and advocated all consider being more present (focused and engaged in the person or task at hand).

    BOM and OUT!


    We kept it movin’ and at a good tempo.  Good exploration of the AO.  Nice work, gents.

    Mumblechatter was extremely active during Captain Thor.  Good thing the Q was paying attention.

    We avoided the wet ground, TripleOption style.  At the expense of more on the concrete.  Only each PAX knows if it was worth it.

    F3 Hampton Roads