Archives: Kickin' It Old School

  • When: 20170726
  • QIC: Tow Rope
  • The PAX: Doomsday, Stump Jumper, Spit, Dreamliner, SubMac, SpaceMonkey, Clifford, Screendoor
  • This was my first Q at Bear Country and I had some fun doing some workouts from my high school track days. I can tell I’m not as young any more…the pain from the sprints has been real. It was awesome to have a few PAX from F3RVA as well! Thanks for coming out guys!

    Warmarama: Mosey to track and then complete a medium-paced 400m.


    4-3-2-1s: This was one of my coach’s favorite workouts for us to do in high school and was probably our least favorite because we would do it again and again and again. It is a 400m sprint, followed by a 300m, then a 200m, and finally a 100m. We took 20-30s of rest in between each sprint. It was some fun competition, as there is nothing like a good old fashioned race, but we were all feeling the pain after.

    Manual Stairmaster: We hit the steps for around 9-10 times up and down the bleachers

    Tire flips: Two-man flips with lunges to the tire while waiting for our turns. We paused halfway for 10 derkins.

    Mosey back to the flags




    I shared a bit from the worship conference I attended last week. The pastor speaking had just passed the torch on to his son the week before as he took the “lead pastor” role and it was a very inspiring, challenging, and uplifting talk. I will share the link if I can find it.

    The main takeaway for me and what I shared was Pastor Willie talking about us becoming like “Santa Claus” to younger or less-mature believers. We stop seeking to be consumers as we grow in Christ and we look for opportunities to give (not necessarily financially) to those who are in their infancy as believers. He challenged me to stop looking at every sermon, talk, meeting as something that I had to get something from and instead to seek ways to pour myself into those and to give and sacrifice.