Archives: Kinda Grand Tour (aka Elude the Fuzz)

  • When: 20210205
  • QIC: Marvel
  • The PAX: Musket, Double Fault, Huggies, Wicked, Moneyball, Market (FNG Bryan), Marvel
  • Conditions: Exquisite

    PAX: Seven

    FNGs: Market (Bryan)


    • SSH – 30
    • TTT – 15
    • Grady Corn – 10
    • Pickle Pounders – 10
    • Imperial Walkers – 10

    The Thang

    Ring Around the Rosie – one lap around the rose garden.

    “Grand Tour” – The PAX moseyed between various notable locations around the AO, stopping for pain station depending on the terrain available:

    • At the Rose Garden and then the War Museum: 25 each of HR Merkins, Big Bois, Squats ON Q
    • At the bridge: 25 each of Irkins, Negative Leg Lifts, Step Ups.

    Upon arriving at Fort Fun proper (aka the playground), the PAX completed the following routine:

    AMRAP: One PAX does 10 Pull-ups while the other PAX are assigned on of the following exercises. Once the pulling-up PAX finishes, he relieves the next person, etc. etc. for two rounds:

    • Lunges
    • Abyss Merkins
    • American Hammers
    • CDDs
    • Assisted Squats
    • Derkins

    Mosey back to the flags and past to the gazebo to continue you the Grand Tour.

    At the gazebo: 25 each of Irkins, Negative Leg Lifts, Step Ups.


    1:20 Chillcut Plank.


    Let not your hearts be troubled. Believe in God; believe also in me.

    John 14:1
    • Believe ≠ mere intellectual assent (“I believe in ghosts”).
    • Believe = TRUST = active thing built on a relationship, experience, and intentional engagement.
    • Believe in God/Jesus = TRUST in God/Jesus.


    • The original intention was to do a full round / grand tour of the AO, but YHC was informed by several PAX arriving from a different direction that the Park Ranger was already parked in preparation to preclude our perpetration of impermissible park interloping.
    • Welcome to FNG Bryan aka Market who evaded much less flattering grocery-related nicknames.
    • One PAX had some weapons-grade flatulence early on. Someone requested he “lay down some cover fire” later on in the beatdown.
    • Musket introduced a welcome reminder that many of our problems would be solved by just losing some weight.
    • Approximately 2 miles put in for Quad P.


    • The Quad P monthly challenge for February is 1 mile per day. See the link below for full details.
    • Two New AOs recently started up:
      • Boardwalk – Fridays, 6pm @ Hillier Ignite Park in VB; run/ruck focused.
      • Blackwater – Fridays, 5:30am @ Western Branch HIGH School; reruns of old Iron Pax Challenge workouts.

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    • Sign Up to Lead a Workout: Q Schedule (Anyone can sign up at any time! We can help you prepare).
      • Backblast template can be found here.
    • Monthly Challenge: Quad P, aka “Priorities’ Pointless Periodic Priority”
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