The Thang – The Labor Day weekend thinned out the herd a bit from the usual crew, so we were a two man team ready to tackle Tuesday! The first exercise was the burpee mile (12x Burpees every 1/4 mile).  After that we went into modified B.L.I.M.P.S. modeled after the DORA…. If DORA started taking performance enhancing drugs, this would be it…

  • Like a super jacked DORA (Partner runs to a fixed point while you exercise)
    1. Box jumps x 50
    2. Lunges x 100
    3. Imperial Walker x 150
    4. Merkins x 200
    5. Plank Jacks x 250
    6. Squats x 300

We ran out of time during Plank Jacks and finished w/ 4 minutes of Ring of Fire abs then ended w/ a COT.


COT – Preparing yourself daily to live with intention and purpose….