Archives: Log-O-Rama

  • When: 20190330
  • QIC: Gunner
  • The PAX: Buoy, Cow Bell, Dreamliner, Space Monkey, Grizzly, Catapult, Funny Car, Musket
  • Warm-a-rama

    Constant movement warm up, including run in place, Side Straddle Hops, Mercans, Mountain Climbers

    NCAA Tourny Burpees

    Follow me to the pond

    Daisy Chain around the pond with Pax doing SSH and end Pax doing Log Presses

    Then, Pax do Mercans, Bear Crawl up to end Pax doing Log Curls

    Ended on Pax Doing LBCs, Crab Walk to end Pax doing Log Squats

    Follow me to the flags

    In Teams of two, Pax did Log ups, over and downs while other Pax Ran to garage and back

    Next pairs did situps and lunges

    COT Centered on Understanding God’s will for you is right now, and all Pax are at this workout because of God’s will and it is our job to do as He wills for these men around you.