Archives: Make Your (F3) Bed

  • When: 20180421
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Gandalf, Average Joe, Scully
  • With our numbers depleted due to the launch of IronClad and a number of our brothers competing (victoriously) in the Colonial 200, three stalwart Pax held the fort down at StinkHill this morning. After some momentary delay because of the closed parking lot due to today’s Earth Day celebration, we finally got underway.


    SSH.                         IC.      25

    Abe Vigodas.           IC.     20

    Imperial Walkers.    IC.     20

    Merkins.                  OMC.  20

    Big Boy Situps.       OMC.  20

    The Thang

    In support of those competing in the Colonial 200, YHC designed the beginning of this workout to be a symbolic mini version of what our brothers were experiencing. As the group began our mosey counterclockwise around StinkHill, one Pax would begin his “leg” by leaving the “van”, run to the nearest vent pipe, and then run back to the van as it continued on its way or stopped to pick up a few pearls along the way at the driver’s whim. Once the runner returned to the van, he became the driver, and a new runner began his leg up StinkHill to the nearest vent pipe. Pearls included Merkins, Situps, pull-ups, Air squats, Commando pull-ups, flutter kicks, plank holds, plank jacks, extended arm Merkins (introduced to the Pax at Gandalf’s VQ), and several others that YHC cannot recall. The fun continued for several rounds until with 20 minutes left, YHC decided to park the van in the lot next to Scully Park for a little BlackJack featuring Merkins and Air squats separated by a short “sprint”. Despite our best efforts, 20 minutes was simply not enough time to complete the task so we reluctantly headed back to the flags for:


    With YHC’s phone in his car several hundred yards away in the YMCA lot, in lieu of the expected verse, homework was assigned to the group to google and listen to the inspirational “Make Your Bed” speech; however, YHC made things a little easier by posting it here. Listening to this speech, it is very easy for us here at F3 to relate the satisfaction gained by completing that first task of “making the bed” to the satisfaction we all feel by starting our mornings in the gloom and completing the tasks laid out for us by the Q.

    Numberama, Namerama, BOM

    Keep giving it away men,