Archives: March madness @ Ruckhill.

  • When: 20180301
  • QIC: McGruff The Crime Dog
  • The PAX: McGruff, Cowboy, Scully, Scrum, Toxic, Macho
  • Great start to March. 6 PAX posted at Ruckhill this AM. We had 3 FNG’s show up. The PAX welcomed Scrum, Toxic, and Macho.. I think Gracie has mandated the VBFD to post once a week.. LOL.   Things started off with 5 and because Cowboy used Sunshine’s alarm clock to get there a few minutes late.

    No Official warm-arama.

    The Thang: PAX moseyed with rucks to the first station to perform 6 Merkins, 6 Squats, 6 lunges, 6 Thrusters, 6 Overhead Squats. Mosey for half a mile and then performed 6 Sit ups, 6 flutter kicks (ruck OH), 6 Crunches (ruck OH), 6 Knees to chest (ruck OH), 60 seconds hold at 6″ (ruck OH). Mosey for another half mile 6 Ruck Curls, 6 Thrusters, 6 OH Tricep Extensions, 6 Ruck Swings, 6 Upright rows. Mile Ruck.

    Namearama, News about March Quad P. Ruck or Running Challenge.

    F3 Hampton Roads