Archives: "Me and my Buddy" Part 2

  • When: 20171028
  • QIC: Sunshine
  • The PAX: Deflator, Submac, Gandoff, Chipper, Screendoor, Funny car, Average Joe,
  • I decided that today would be the day for Part 2 of “Me and my buddy”.  As I pull up and back my truck into my normal spot, the Pax kinda had an idea of what was about to come next.  I immediately ask for help, offloading our equipment of the day – the kettle bells.  Let the fun begin!  Since today was the last major day for the Burpee challenge, I had a couple of tricks up my sleeve.  For Warmarama we begin with 15 x 4 Side Straddle hops (IC), then 15 x 4 arm circles forward,  15 x 4 Imperial Walkers, 15 x 4 arm circles backward, 15 x 4 A bagodas, 10 x 4 Air squats, 5 Burpees, 15 Merkins (IC), and 25 big boy sit-sit ups.  After making sure that everyone was nice and loose, it was time for some fun.  Everyone parternered up with on extra, and grabbed a kettle bell of their choosing.  The weight options were 53lbs, 35lbs and one 26lb.  But I warned everyone to choose wisely since there was a lot of running coming their way.  Some of course grabbed the heavier KB, which ended making life miserable (more on that later).  We were joined by some photographers from the VA Pilot, so we had to look strong to counterbalance the future looks of defeat that were coming our way. We moseyed our way around the front side of #stinkhill.  One partner was to carry the KB at a time trading off at each stop.  If at any point the partners switched, there was a 5 Merkin penalty.  At each stop, each partner was to do 5 burpees and 5 Kettle Bell Swings (KBS).  Everything seem to roll smoothly but soon after, “my buddy” started to get a little heavy.  By the 7 stop, there was no mumble chatter to be heard.  We made our way back to the flags to finish the loop.  This is were the real fun began.  I ran back to my truck to pull out a white board and marker.  With the time remaining, it was time for a little game called “Deck of Cards” or “Deck of Death depending on who you asks.  There were 4 predetermined movements – Sumo Deadlift High Pulls (SDLHP), LBC (1:2), Carolina Dry Docks, and of course Burpees.  We first determined what movement went with each suit.  Then, every time a card was drawn, each Pax had to perform the movement of that suit and the reps for the number on the card.  Face cards equaled 10 reps.  Aces equaled a run around the parking lot.  And jokers were a 60 count rest.  So, we began to work our way through the deck.  sometimes we got lucky and there were only a couple of burpees in a row, other times, we were doing a lot.  it was all the luck of the draw.  We pulled our first Ace and made our way around the parking lot.  Luckily there was a joker right behind it.  After making our way through 2/3 through the deck, time was up. and it was time to circle it up.