Archives: Merkins, Merkins, and more Merkins…

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  • QIC: Slash
  • The PAX: Spygate, Deflator, Tow Rope, Triple Option, Screen Door, Dreamliner, Priorities, Slash
  • #DUCKDUCKGOOSE enjoyed a strong showing from 8 PAX this morning and proceeded to enjoy the misty morning weather that felt an awful lot like sunny and 75, at least that’s what my app told me.

    In an attempt to rest my fellow F3 brethren’s legs for their race this weekend, we proceeded to focus on merkins…lots of merkins.  After 45 mins which included 1.0 mile of Mosey time, some time Al Goreing trees, and most importantly 200 merkins of various shapes and sizes.  Finally 5 PAX finished out with a coffeteria on my back porch.

    The workout went as follows…

    .5 mile Mosey around the pond to warmup and straight into our MODIFIED Death Star merkin workout

    1) 20 Merkins

    2) 15 Nipple Scraper Merkins

    3) 20 Ranger Merkins

    4) 15 Right Hand Stagger Merkins

    5) 15 Left Hand Stagger Merkins

    .5 mile Mosey around the pond and back into the star

    6) 20 Chuck Norris push the world down Merkins

    7) 10 Squerkins

    8) 12 Clock Merkins (Merkin every hour)

    9) 15 Diamond Merkins

    10) 20 Wide are Merkins

    Modified Death star complete but the Merkins needed some teambuilding.

    11) 5 rounds of Manmaker COD with the USS GW 4 wire Dumbbell.

    Rounds 1, 3, and 5 plank it out

    Rounds 2, 4 Al Gore

    12) 10 Abyss Merkins on the patio with an Al Gore wait line and 10 merkins at your leisure.

    13) 8 Power Partner Merkins to finish out our Merkin teambuilding and get us to the grand total of 200 Merkins of various shapes and sizes.

    After circling up for numbers and names the thought for the day was on how our reliance upon God is directly tied to our prayer life.  For those of us like myself who have always struggled with an intimate talking conversational prayer life with Abba Father especially when faced with the struggles of day to day life.  If you want/need a better deeper prayer life consider the quote that surpassed my brain in my moment of exhaustion.  “We will only persevere in Prayer when we’re convinced of what God is capable of, and what we are up against.” Jon Bloom.

    Screen Door took us out.

    Shout Out:

    Spygate was possibly the only PAX daring enough and still able to actually enter the Abyss and return, all others merely peered into it from above.

    Thanks to all PAX for allowing me to get my VQ in prior to exiting the Hampton Roads AOR for CO.