Archives: Modified Murp (Misspelling intentional)

  • When: 20180123
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: SubMac, Triple Option, Scout, Dreamliner, Deflator, Space Monkey
  • With the Spring-like weather we had this morning, YHC decided to take a note from when I posted with F3 Cleveland, and do a modified Murph workout.  You will see why we fell a bit short.


    The Thang:

    Warmarama-Side straddle hops, in cadence (IC) x 15, Good mornings (IC, 10), Don Quixotes (IC, 10)

    Mosey to the dock for a modified murph. Starting at the dock, the PAX partnered up.  Each PAX performed the following recipe of fitness excellence:

    25 burpees (pull-up bars are a rarity on docks around our area)

    50 merkins

    75 squats

    Then it was off to the races. One loop around the pond, which is about half a mile, with your partner.

    The intention was to repeat this 4 times. YHC made an audible that there did not appear to be enough time after starting the 3rd cycle and that we would stop short.  This was met with by motivated content, which, although appreciated, did not change the displayed time on my arm.  Deflator indicated that he intended to do 7 cycles.  YHC assumes that he snuck back to the pond after the remaining PAX departed to complete the last four.

    Once all PAX completed our 3 cycles (falling just short of the murph, hence the murp), we moseyed to the picnic tables. It was 11s time, aptly predicted by Deflator.  PAX started with 10 back extension laying on stomach, complemented with 1 big boy sit-up.  Back extensions were reduced and big boys increased until the number of each exercise was reversed.  Dreamliner comments that the sanctity of Triple Options clothes was retained throughout the beatdown, i.e., no sitting in grass.  YHC indicated that, since he was borrowing M’s car to get to the workout, those sort of things were requisite.

    Flutter kicks were in order. In my profound brilliance, you will see the sarcasm shortly, I decided midway through that doing our world-famous (soon) Jody was in order.  YHC remembered about 57.6% of it with the remainder filled in by Deflator (aka, Jody Author).

    Mosey to the flags for circle of Trust.

    I have been reading a book for the upcoming bible study called, “Running on Faith” by Jason Lester. One of the chapters was about endurance.  As an aside, I think I said perseverance this morning … stupid synonyms!  Anyway, YHC did remember that the verse quoted was from Matthew, specifically Matthew 10:22

    “… But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.”

    This verse speaks to the resilience of our spirit and faith. For the PAX today though, the connection was about mid-stride during our modified murp.  Although I could literally feel the extreme determination from the PAX, YHC was certainly questioning my endurance.  In much the same way, it is when we are in a season of challenge in our lives that we will struggle to retain our faith.  Much like the PAX motivated me, we can seek support from those around us to strengthen us and endure that challenging season of life we are in.  That is one of the greatest things I have come to appreciate in F3.

    Ball of man and prayers for PAX, and their families, in other regions as well as a family member of a PAX here in Hampton Roads. Finally, the PAX were released to the wild … except for Deflator, who would be completing his last four rounds of the modified murp.


    Space Monkey

    F3 Hampton Roads