Archives: My QuadP, Your QuadP, Everybody's QuadP!! (well…kind of)

  • When: 20201209
  • QIC: Dirt Bike
  • The PAX: Sunshine, Yoast, Priorities, Funny Car, Gator, Planer, Catapult, Dreamliner, Bing
  • Conditions: Frosty

    Pax: 10

    Warmarama: SSH, Abe Vigota, Micheal Phelps, Mosey to HS Parking lot

    The plan was to do everyone’s QuadP that has been tracking it.  We got through most of it and subbed 1 exercise.  I plan on eating every meal and will eat the ones that Scully is skipping (for support).  Do not have intel yet on what Crossover Symmetry is, but will check with Lawnboy.  Planer is looking very limber! ; )

    The Thang:

    Prison Cell Merkins – 10 (Catapult)

    Big Boys – 33 (Wicked, Gas Station, Help Desk)

    Prison Cell Merkins – 10 (Catapult)

    Bridge – 1 min (Dreamliner)

    HR Merkins – 20 (Dreamliner)

    Mile Run – 1/2 (Funny Car)

    Burpees – 10 (Bing)

    Mile Run -1/2 (Funny Car)

    Burpees – 10 (Bing)

    WWII’s – 25 (Skipped this one for time, sorry 2 Wheel)

    Pull-Ups – 25 (Marvel, Gandalf, McGruff, YHC)

    Mtn Climbers – 100 (Gator)

    Merkins – 100 (Since so many Merkins were completed within other exercises, this was subbed to squat.  Squat is being completed by 0 Pax for QuadP.  I hope your legs remain skinny and fragile as your chests grow large and bold.  You all still owe 100 Merkins!)

    LBC’s – 50 (Cowboy, Whitetail)

    Burpees 10 (Bing did his – skipped for time)

    Took the highest total for each one, apologies if I overlooked your name while making the list.

    Mary: Batwing

    Moleskin:  Licking your hands and or bar will give you a better grip for pull-ups in these temps. This is still in the hypothesis stage. Testing to come at later date.


    John Thompson Jr. HOF Coach of Georgetown Hoyas. Multiple final 4’s and a National Championship.

    “Don’t let the sum total of your existence be 8-10 pounds of air.”

    Universities President “He challenged us to live up to our values and enabled us to see new possibilities—for ourselves and for the impact we could have on the world,” “John will be remembered for many things—his historic achievements, the lives he shaped, his advocacy for social and racial justice—but perhaps most of all, for the authenticity through which he lived his life.”

    His Family: For us, his greatest legacy remains as a father, grandfather, uncle, and friend.

    Still Praying for Screendoor and family

    Announcements: F3 10 year moved to Oct.  New Years Day Convergence at Western Branch HS.