Archives: Nan'tan Turnover Convergence

  • When: 20201017
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Catapult, Hot Corner, Screen Door, Marvel, Commissioner, Gator, Free Fall, Cookie Monster, Mango (War Baby), Sunshine, Sea Daddy, Planer, Sprawl, Gas Station, Huggies, Cash Flow, Cooperstown, 2 Wheel, Firefly, Yoast, Bachelor Pad, Buoy, Gandalf (War Daddy), Lawnboy, Gunner, Funny Car, Dreamliner
  • Conditions: Sunny and 75

    PAX: 28 (a new single workout record)

    FNGs: None


    • Side Straddle Hops (SSHs) – 25
    • Michael Phelps – 10
    • Give Ups – 10
    • Through The Tunnels – 10
    • Mountain Climbers – 20

    The Thang

    Divide into groups of three with instructions to find someone who you do not know their F3 name or someone you do not normally workout with. Line up on one side of the football field.

    Triple Check #1: PAX #1 Carolina Dry Docks (CDDs), PAX #2 plank, PAX #3 backwards run to other side of football field, forward run back. Rotate and repeatdo. AMRAP for five minutes.

    Triple Check #2: PAX #1 squats, PAX #2 Al Gore, PAX #3 lunge to midfield, mosey back. Rotate and repeatdo. AMRAP for five minutes.

    Sub-region/AO Relay: A friendly competition to crown the fittest sub-region/AO. Group was divided into four teams.

    1. #DuckDuckGoose/#QuackQuackHonk (aka Carrolton)
    2. #StankHill/#RuckHill/#Ignite/#SlothHill (aka Virginia Beach)
    3. #BearCountry/#UpTheCreek (aka Chesapeake and Suffolk)
    4. #Ironclad/#YetToBeNamedNorfolkAO (aka Peninsula and Norfolk)

    A few quick trades of PAX with dual allegiance to even out the numbers.

    Five stations, which were each scored separately:

    1. 400 m run (around the track)
    2. Squat Jumps (goal line)
    3. Burpees (25 yard line)
    4. WWII Situps (other 25 yard line)
    5. Hand release merkins (other goal line)

    Teams sent at least one PAX to every station. When the runner finished, he would go to station 2 (squat jumps), 2 to 3, 3 to 4, 4 to 5, and the PAX at hand release merkins (station 5) became the new runner. Counts were DORA style with accumulating numbers at each station. Relay finished when all PAX from all four teams had completed their run.

    For a team with 6 or 7 PAX, one or two stations were doubled up, but only one of the PAX reps counted (each PAX must be the counter at two stations).

    First place at a station [either most reps or completion of run (1.25 miles for team)] earned that team 10 points. Second place earned five.

    Virginia beach took the crown followed by Peninsula/Norfolk who took second place.

    Triple Check #3: New groups of three. PAX #1 shoulder taps, PAX #2 reverse plank, PAX #3 crab walk to midfield, mosey back. Rotate and repeatdo. AMRAP for five minutes.

    Triple Check #4: PAX #1 prison cell merkins, PAX #2 six inches, PAX #3 run to top of bleachers and back. Rotate and repeatdo. AMRAP for five minutes.

    Circle of Trust (COT)

    Proverbs 18:24 (ESV) “but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.”

    I took this time to share how much F3 has meant to me over the last four years. When Michelle (YHC’s M) and I moved to Hampton Roads, VA in 2014, we sadly joked that it was “Michelle and I against the world.” We did not know a single person in Hampton Roads. In 2016, I was living in Charleston, SC for the summer and got plugged into F3 down there. I was instantly hooked and would have probably gotten on their Lady Glittersparkles (if they had one). When I moved back to Hampton Roads, I knew that I wanted F3 in my life moving forward. I started driving to Richmond on Saturdays to workout with those guys and to recruit a group of men to help us launch. On November 5, 2016, F3 Hampton Roads had its first workout at Mt. Trashmore State Park in Virginia Beach. I still remember worrying whether anyone would show up on day one and that anxiety stayed there for a better part a year. I remember asking guys to come who would show up for no reason other than I asked (well maybe begged).

    This region would not be in the place it is today without the help of some High Impact Men (#HIM). On day one, I was the Nan’tan, Weasel Shaker, 1stF Q, 2ndF Q, 3rdF Q, COMZQ, ITQ, and AOQ. That only lasted for a short amount of time as #HIM stepped up to the plate to serve in these roles. Now the Shared Leadership Team (#SLT) is composed of 12 PAX (soon to be 13 with the addition of Norfolk AO) and there is always a need. If you have any interest, reach out to Funny Car (see what I did there).

    It has been absolutely amazing to see how this region has hit its stride, rallied through the slumps, and blasted out of plateaus. Along those lines, we have had almost 50 FNGs (a good portion of them due to Moneyball) since the beginning of COVID-19 in March during the middle of a global pandemic. We have made modifications to keep PAX safe (no transmission within F3) while growing the region and serving as a constant for PAX during this unprecedented year. This is a testament to the amazing work of our PAX continuing to invite the guys in their life.

    After almost four years at the helm (avg. is 2.5-3 years), the time is right to hand off leadership duties to the next #HIM. I know Funny Car will take the group to the next level in the years to come.

    In summary, F3 impacts lives. I know it has impacted mine. I have heard testimony after testimony from guys who it has helped. Thank you for posting and for leading. See you in the gloom (#SYITG).


    1. On Saturday, October 24, we are launching our first workout at our new Norfolk AO at 7am at Tabernacle Church of Norfolk (TAB Church) located at 7000 Granby Street, Norfolk VA. Thanks to Commissioner and Firefly for their efforts to plant and grow F3 in Norfolk. WE WILL NOT HAVE AN IGNITE WORKOUT AT THE BEACH ON OCTOBER 24. We are encourage the Pax who typically post at Ignite to post at the Norfolk AO (name to be determined).
    2. On Friday, October 23, we are launching a second AO in Newport News. Thanks to Gas Station and others for organizing this effort. The AO will he held from 5:30-6:15 am at Huntington Park on the Newport News side of the James River bridge (5500 Mercury Blvd, Newport News). Meet at the parking lot as you enter the park toward the beach and Crab Shack.
    3. The Suffolk Seaboard Coastal Trail 200 (to replace the previously canceled Colonial 200 relay race) on Friday November 6 should end around 9am Saturday morning. Open to all Pax. First runners depart at 6pm on Friday. Lawn Boy sent an email on October 9 about the event as well as posting the information on our F3 Hampton Roads Facebook page. Gator is also coordinating an effort for us to raise funds for Roc Solid Foundation. He has posted information on our Facebook page. You can sign up to run at:
    4. During the month of October are trying to have a new Q for each individual workout. Still some opening for Saturdays and Southside. Sign up below and we can help you prepare. Q Schedule 
    5. Quad P for October is a Ruck/Run challenge for the region. See below for details.

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