Archives: New AO and Convergence 6/15 & 6/22

  • When: 20190615
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  • Pax,

    We are excited to announce that beginning June 15th, the StinkHill AO (Saturday mornings from 7-8am) will be relocating for the summer from Mt Trashmore to Hillier Ignite Fitness Park located on the oceanfront at 36th Street. This new AO will be named Ignite and in addition to the sand and surf, offers the Pax an opportunity to utilize the wide array of fitness apparatus available on site. #ignitevbfitness

    Related Links (be sure and check out the 3rd one and read up on Hillier Ignite and its founder Luke Hillier … really want to get Luke and his brother Mike involved in F3 (and possibly get F3 involved in Hillier Ignite) Our hope is that come the fall, we will have expanded to the ocean front with more Pax and another AO. Please feel free to share.

    Also, come join us at #Ignite at 0700 on Saturday June 22nd for Screen Door’s last post in Hampton Roads before moving to Connecticut.  He will be Q-ing a convergence beatdown on the beach with games and fellowship to follow.  The workout will end at 0800, but you are welcome to stay as long as you like afterward.


    F3 Hampton Roads