Archives: New AO in Hampton Roads

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  • QIC: Priorities?
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, SubMac, Deflator, Fabio, Priorities
  • Many of you know there has been an underground, off the books workout on Thursday mornings.  (It wasn’t exactly a secret…)  But when more pax show up for the off the books workout then an official workout the day before, it’s time to place it directly on the books!

    So, F3 Hampton Roads officially has 4 options for all your 1st F needs:

    • 0700 Saturday @ Mt Trashmore in Virginia Beach
    • 0530 Wednesday @ Western Branch Middle School in Chesapeake
    • 0600 Tuesday & Thursday @ Eagle Harbor in Carrollton
    Here’s how day 1 went down…

    5 #DuckDuckGoose Originals met at the flags in the beautiful 75/S morning gloom.  I’m not sure how the water puddles freeze over in these beautiful conditions but the laws of nature apparently don’t apply in F3HR!  After a brief disclaimer the pax took off on a mosey, with just as much mumble chatter as physical exertion, as per #QuackQuackHonk tradition.  Another tradition held over from DDG is a trip over bear crawl bridge. For some, just a hill workout.  4 to 6 laps depending on your motivation level (you vs you) and it was back to the flags for COT.  Dreamliner took us out in prayer for our first official Thursday nudgedown (QQH can’t be described as a beatdown… yet…)


    – Since many of us are looking for more options during the week and can’t get enough of this crazy F3 thing, it’s exciting to have a new AO but with it comes a lot more work and commitment.  Our Nantan. despite his motivation, dedication, and super powers, can’t be the one driving every new AO.  We need pax to step up and lead the effort in Qing and EHing.  The Q signup sheet is updated for the new AO so grab your spot at the front of the line.  Grab your friends, neighbors, and co-workers and #giveitaway.

    – #QuackQuackHonk was started as a mix between a 1st and 2nd F event so the format will continue as a group run but it’s up to the Q as to the intensity level of the workout. If you, the Pax, want to go in a different direction with it, make it happen as the Q.

    – One more plug for the Colonial 70 relay race coming up in just over a month

    – Expect a preblast soon about a #HHDH this coming Wednesday.  Not to steal Half-life’s thunder but we’re expecting to meet at O’Connor Brewing Co. anytime after 4pm and start our mosey to the next location at 5pm sharp.


    See you all Saturday at #StinkHill!

    Priorities Out.