Archives: New Kids on the Block

  • When: 20181014
  • QIC: SubMac, Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Chief, Catapult, Snowman, Teach, Abba (FNG), Freefall, Finkle, Spit, SubMac, Dreamliner
  • YHC (your humble correspondent) rose early Sunday morning in anticipation of the #SlothHill beatdown. A quick check of the Q schedule revealed this morning’s leader would be Scully. YHC found this a little strange (Scully was in Milwaukee the day prior watching his son and the Dodgers beat the Brewers in game 2); however, the assumption (never assume) was made that he must have caught a flight back after the game (the game was in the afternoon). This was not the case as was discovered while gathered around the shovel flags. YHC and SubMac proceeded with a hot potato.
    Side note: Chris Taylor III (CT3) was 5 for 9 in games 1 and 2. #Tclaps.
    Now, for the title of the blackblast. New (or recently new) faces dominated the PAX numbers at #SlothHill. Great job everyone and keep giving it away.

    The Thang:

    Warmarama: Side straddle hops (SSHs), through the tunnels, imperial walkers, and squats.

    Mosey across the street, up the steps, and down the ridge until directly up the hill from the pull-up bars.

    PAX partner up. PAX #1 runs to bottom of hill, 10 chin-ups, and runs back up the hill. PAX #2 completes 20 merkins, 20 squats, and chillcut (aka elbow plank) until PAX #1 returns. Flapjack and repeat for 3 rounds.

    Hand the Q to SubMac who audibles away from more hill running and takes the PAX to the picnic shelter for 11s of derkins and dips.

    Decision was made to use the remaining time of the workout to introduce Ultimate Frisbee (F3 Hampton Roads style) to the PAX. Mosey to field. SubMac leads Mary (aka abs) while YHC retrieves Frisbee and cones.

    17 minutes of Ultimate Fris-CDD (aka Carolina Dry Docks). Decreasing number of reps on each turnover. Reps begin with 5 and reset after every point.

    Final score was 4 to 1 in favor of F3 names starting with A–F. Of note, this will be same score as the Dodgers over the Brewers (4 games to 1). Prediction has been made! Tune in to see it come true.

    Mosey back to the shovel flags.

    Circle of Trust (COT):

    YHC shared Funny Car’s message from COT at #Ironclad the day prior. We are with you Funny Car.
    Prayer requests.
    Ball of Man.


    Oct. 26-28: F3 Hampton Roads will be traveling to Cape Fear, NC to assist in Hurricane Florence clean-up/rebuild. Volunteers needed. Supplies requested.

    Funny Car’s surgery is today at Bon Secours Maryview Medical Center (3636 High St, Portsmouth, VA 23707).

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