Archives: Nice vs. Kind

  • When:¬†20180519
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Average Joe, Cowboy, Free Fall, Gypsy (DR), Sunshine, Mentos, Tropicana, Dreamliner

    On a beautiful Saturday morning, 8 PAX embarked on a “warm up” prior to the City Ruck Tour later that day.

    The Thang


    Mosey to the top of Stink Hill. Retrieve coupons (aka rocks).

    Mosey to methane pipe #2.

    Rock merkins, curls, shoulder presses, triceps extensions. Sets of 20, 15, 10, and 5. Rotate coupon between sets.

    Bear crawl with rock (rolling it down the hill) to the bath house. Must maintain 3 points of contact with ground.

    Quadruple check. In a rotation (4 PAX), balls to the wall, chin-ups, shoulder presses, and one PAX always running to next station. Finish after 3 full rounds.

    Bear crawl with rock (throwing it up the hill) back to the top. Must maintain 2 points of contact with ground.

    Leave coupons at top of hill. Mosey down back side.

    Ultimate Frisburpee ( “Similar to ultimate frisbee but with penalty burpees. On the 1st turnover, 5 burpees for all PAX. On the 2nd turnover, 4 burpees. On the 3rd, 3 burpees. On the 4th turnover, 2 burpess. On the 5th turnover, 1 burpee. If neither team has scored, the remainder of the point is played like regular ultimate frisbee. Burpee count resets after every point. You do not have to wait for all PAX to finish burpees to begin playing (i.e., it is advantageous to finish your burpees faster)…A PAX favorite in F3 Hampton Roads.”

    Mosey to top of hill. Retrieve coupons. Mosey to methane pipe #1. Deposit coupons. Mosey to flag.

    Mary: 2 minutes as many big boy sit-ups as possible.

    Circle of Trust:
    Delivered by Gypsy. Information on upcoming Speed4Need race in Hampton Roads. More details to come later. As a teaser, check out the video above. #BestWeCanFinishIsSecond

    Special Father’s Day Workout:
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