Archives: No One to Deride Me

  • When:¬†20190422
  • QIC:¬†Marvel
  • The PAX: Marvel
  • YHC showed up hoping and fearing that he was not going to be flying solo, but prepared for said circumstance which ended up as the reality.


    • SSH – 30
    • Stretching

    The Thang

    In preparation for a potential 5k in late May, YHC decided to work on some endurance running, and so pounded out roughly that distance by running around most of the apartments at the AO location, up and down on parking garage, and around the pond once.

    Moved on to LBCs, 100 reps with a run around the pond between. Completed 5 times with an extra 515 reps thrown in to round out the time to 6:15.

    Though YHC did happen to have a podcast to listen to during the workout, the following song was the moral soundtrack for the workout, and served as a COT-of-sorts: