Archives: October BurpeeFest Kickoff

  • When: 20171001
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: ScreenDoor, Dreamliner, Sunshine, Gandolf, FreeFall, 3-for-1, Scully
  • A record day at SlothHill had 7 pax kick off October’s BurpeeFest with a minimum of 156 each of F3’s most favored exercise. After introductions and the disclaimer, we jumped right into the fire.


    SLAUGHTER-STARTER (20 Burpees OYO) (20)


    CONTRABURPEES 10 OYO (burpee with an increasing number of merkins with each rep) (30)



    Mosey around the lake, stopping at each bench to perform an increasing number of Burpees. As it turned out, there were exactly 11 benches on our route to complete a perfect Route 66 (96), but we made an additional stop at the first shelter to knock off 10 more Burpees (106) for good measure.

    From there, the pax perfomed a Catch Me If You Can Indian Run to the base of StinkHill where the group ran backwards while the six performed 5 Burpees then raced to the front where the new six performed 5 Burpees. This continued until we reached our destination. With all but ScreenDoor having completed two rounds, he promptly knocked out 5 Burpees to even the score. (116)

    From there, we made our way to the summit and proceeded down and back up StinkHill while the remaining Pax performed Burpees (AMRAP)… Repeat until all Pax had completed the descent/ascent. Varying amounts, but average was 20 Burpees each. (136)

    With 13 minutes still on the clock, we proceeded to the far methane pipe for 10 Burpees (146) and then to the opposite side steps for 10 final Burpees (156) before heading back to the flags.

    All told, a minimum of 1,092 Burpees were performed (several of the more ambitious Pax performed additional Burpees while waiting for the six at each station)… less than 14,000 to go men!


    With no time left on the clock and late for Church, the Pax went right thru Counterama and Namerama, and a few brief announcements before ending the beautiful morning with BOM.

    Bring the F3 light into another’s world by introducing them to the Gloom,