Archives: October in July at Ironclad

  • When:¬†20180714
  • QIC:¬†Gunner
  • The PAX: Weather Man (FNG), Dreamliner, Dawes, Triple Option, Buoy, Catapult, SubMac, Screen Door, Bachelor Pad, Marvel, Yahtzee
  • 12 Pax gathered together to enjoy the wonderful fall day in the middle of July with a little coffee, small talk and relaxing. But that was only after a little beatdown.

    The Thang:

    Side Straddle Hops

    Arm Circles, Small and Big, Forward and Backwards

    Through the Tunnel

    Abe Vigoda

    Imperial Walkers

    A short Quaterdecking session (ques calls an exercise and PAX repeat OYO until next exercise called)

    Mossey around the lake stopping at each fountain

    First Fountain, 20 Box Jumps

    Second Fountain, 30 Step Ups

    Third Fountain, 40 Squat Jumps

    Fourth Fountain, 50 Lunges,

    Back to the flags for another short Quaterdecking lead by Catapult

    Mossey to Garage taking stairs to first (ok I guess it was second deck).

    10 Burpees, OYO, then Carioka to the next ramp. 5 Carolina Drydocks and run up the ramp

    20 Merkins, off to the flat spot. 5 CDDs. Backwards mossey to next ramp.

    5 CDDs and run the ramp. 30 Plank Jacks then off to the flat spot. 5 CDDs followed by Bear Crawl 4 stanchions then mossey to next ramp.

    5 CDDs and run the ramp. 40 CDDs followed by Crawl bear 3 stanchions then mossey to the ramp.

    5 CDDs and run the ramp. 50 Mountain Climbers. 5 CDDs followed by Crab Walking 4 stanchions. Finished with the hardest exercise of the day, 60 Overhead Claps. Mossey down the ramps back to the flags to have a conversation with Mary.

    Finished with LBCs, American Hammers and Freddy Mercury.