Archives: Off Track Betting at Off the Books

  • When: 20171015
  • QIC: Wilson, Honeymoon
  • The PAX: UpChuck, Wilson, Honeymoon
  • Three cup horses declared eligible away from the false energy of the Fartsack and birthed the latest version of the free handicap claiming race that is Off the Books.  At 6, Wilson, Honeymoon, and the shipper that is YHC posted at the Urban Farmhouse (Midlo) gate and, at the sound of the bell, were off.

    First post after one furlong left into the Woolridge chute, then 9 furlongs to Midlothian Turnpike (left), 9 furlongs to Charter Colony (left), and 8 furlongs to Woolridge (left).  Down the backstretch for 5 furlongs to the Urban Farmhouse and a slow trot for 3 furlongs in the UF stable area to round out 32 furlongs.

    4 milers do one lap, 8 milers two laps, 12 milers three laps, and 20 milers 5 laps.

    Naked Moleskin

    Bug Boy YHC thanks the company (Wilson and Honeymoon) for hosting today’s stakes.  YHC had a bit of a bog spavin prior to the morning slow trot, likely a hangover from back-to-back stakes races at Dog Pile and the CBOS-based Twin Team.  There was a brief consideration of a post-time scratch, but having made a HC at ET’s, today’s visit to Midlo Downs proved well worth the extra saunter.  Even with a modest mist, the track had a good bottom and, notwithstanding some shadows, it is generally a flat race through the first few turns.

    Honeymoon proved the lead pony today, circling back to round up YHC and fellow maiden Wilson.   Even with the darkness, headlamps help each rider through The Gloom.  No sooner had Wilson told Honeymoon to make a run down the backstretch than either the sloppy conditions or a speedy cut took Wilson down.  Wilson’s a mudder, so he rubbed some furosimide on it and galloped to the finish.  Well done for a stakes horse who hates stakes.

    The post-race festivities were moved off-site today as today’s race turned into a sprint and UF had not yet opened for the day.  The stallions scouted 3 locations before finding a groom with the right mix of water, caffeine, and coffee to satisfy three moderately stretched colts.  YHC thanks Wilson for covering the fees at DD.  A fine cup o’ joe and good conversation ensued.  Any riders who have not seen extreme dune buggy racing on a muddy track, see Honeymoon.  If you need your stables organized, Wilson will do it and pay his own way.  There’s no surer bet in racing.


    Double Dog Saturday October 21: come early, stay late, and push yourself just a little bit more.  First race post time 6 a.m., second race at 7 a.m.  Fill out your card with ET’s afterwards.

    November 11 is the 1 year Anniversary of F3 Hampton Roads.  Join us to romp with the rogues from Stink Hill.


    UpChuck spits the bit.