Archives: One is the Loneliest Number…

  • When: 20171003
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Scully
  • YHC arose bright and early this morning ready to face the challenges of StankHill with his F3 brothers only to find… crickets. Nonetheless, with Shovel Flag planted and chasing that ever elusive HIM status, the beat down began in earnest with:


    • SlaughterStarter  20 Burpees  OYO
    • ContraBurpees  10  OYO (Burpees with an increasing number of Merkins with each rep)
    • 4 Corner Burpees  (Run to all 4 corners of the parking lot where 10 Burpees await)
    • Deconstructed Burpees  10  OYO  (10 each of Air Squats, Leg Thrusters,  Merkins, Leg Thrusters, and Air Squats

    The Thang

    • Mosey to Scully Park to perform a Route 66 around the loop (increasing number of Burpees at each bench from 1 to 11)
    • Mosey to the pullup bar where 10 Burp-Ups awaited.
    • Reverse Route 66 around the loop (decreasing number of Burpees at each bench from 11 to 1)
    • Mosey back to the flag humming that famous Three Dog Night song (for the few of you old enough to remember it)
    • SlaughterEnder  20 Burpees  OYO

    Dispensed with all other formalities for obvious reasons. One truly is the loneliest number… unless you’re accompanied by 242 varying forms of Burpees.

    Continue giving it away men… YHC needs company  🙂