Archives: Oops

  • When: 20171205
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Deflator, SubMac
  • So YHC was going through updating Big Data from where I have fallen behind over the last few weeks and discovered that I never ended up writing this backblast.  I owe it to SubMac and Deflator to ensure that their efforts in the gloom are appropriately memorialized.

    WARMARAMA:  Shoulder circles (10x each direction), Chinooks (10x each direction), Helicopters (10x), One lap around the lake.

    The THANG:  YHC tried a routine from the exercon that was new to F3HR called a millennial.  It is set up similar to a DORA in that you partner up and perform a series of exercises attempting to reach a team total before moving on to another exercise.  Partner 1 performed reps of the exercise while partner 2 ran to the third light post on the lake path and back. Upon return of partner 2, the partners swap roles.  Rinse and repeat until the requisite number of reps for each exercise was reached.  With an odd number, Deflator was partner 1 while SubMac and YHC performed the duties of partner 2 simultaneously.  Repetitions were 200x of each of 10 exercises for a grand total of 2000x reps (each partner does on average 1000x reps, hence the name Millennial.)  The exercise list was as follows: 1) 4-count SSH, 2) Lunges (started out 4-count but audibled to 2-count in the interest of time and legs), 3) Merkins, 4) 4-count LBCs, 5) 2-count Mountain Climbers, 6) 2-count flutter kicks, 7) Overhead Press, 8) Squats, 9) Crunchy Frogs, 10) Burpees.  Due to time constraints we were unable to make it all the way to the end but we were able to finish through crunchy frogs but cutting out Mary.

    COT:  With it being December and the year of 2017 is drawing to a close, I have been reflecting back on all that has happened in the last year, both good and bad.  This is a good opportunity to consider how we want to continue to improve both within F3 and elsewhere in our lives as we transition into the new year.