Archives: Over the Hill

  • When: 20170718
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Goodfella, McGruff, Scully
  • Four Pax, including out-of-towner Goodfella, showed up bright and early at StankHill for YHC’s last Q before heading to the left coast for a week to watch 2.0, CT3 and his Dodger teammates continue there systematic dismantling of all in their path. Here’s how it went down.

    Side straddle hops  25. IC
    Imperial walkers.     20. IC
    Hillbilly walkers.       20  IC
    Merkins                     25  OMC                                                                                                                                         WWII Sit-ups             25  OMC

    The Thang 

    Inspired by Sunshine’s unreasonably difficult Q at SlothHill on Sunday, YHC led the Pax on a slow mosey along the loop around StinkHill, but took a short detour up the first set of steps and down the next before turning the Pax loose to proceed at their own pace to the second shelter on the loop. Dreamliner and Goodfella promptly left YHC in their dust while McGruff was kind enough to ensure I didn’t get lonely on our slow but steady trek to the destination. The two rabbits must’ve thought we got lost because they sent out a search party and led us in the rest of the way. Upon arrival the Pax knocked out 25 Derkins and 25 Air Squats before splitting up again. Dreamliner and Goodfella were sent on a route directly up and Over the Hill while McGruff and YHC retraced our steps along the loop to meet them on the other side. As we rounded the final curve we could make out in the distance our brothers patiently awaiting our arrival while performing Merkins and Al Gores. We then celebrated our reunion by performing 25 Merkins and 25 WWII Sit-ups before reversing our roles and routes to meet back at the shelter. The shorter route gave McGruff and YHC the opportunity to take a short rest (while hold 6″ leg lifts) until the Pax could celebrate our second reunion with 25 incline Merkins and 25 Step-ups. We then proceeded to the Seal at the top of StinkHill for two rounds of Rock-Olympics as follows:

    Colt 45’s
    Colt 45’s
    Tricep Extensions
    Overhead Press
    Bent Over Rows
    Lateral Raises

    Running short on time, the Pax then headed quickly back to the flags where YHC reminded all that we should not view prayer only as a request for our needs, but should remember to use it as an opportunity to praise Him for all that he has provided us. I know YHC feels very fortunate and grateful for all that he has been blessed with.

    I always thank God for you because of his grace given you in Christ Jesus. For in him you have been enriched in every way – in all your speaking and in all your knowledge.
    —1 Corinthians 1:4-5