Archives: P.I.T.A. Day at Ironclad

  • When:¬†20190105
  • QIC:¬†Gunner
  • The PAX: Funny Car, Screendoor, Dreamliner, Marvel, Space Monkey, Catapult, Orbit, Bouy, Musket
  • 10 Pax came out to enjoy P.I.T.A.s on a warm and wonderful January day. P.I.T.A. Are designed to be nothing but heavy and annoying, hence why they are a pain in the you know what. So with soggy ground and perfect temperatures, we decided we should work out before coffee.


    SSH X 25

    Arm Circles forward, backward, big forward and big backward x 12 each. Just remember, I lose count easily.

    Mercans X 15

    Imperial Walkers X 20

    Mossy to my truck and pick up the P.I.T.A.s. Mossy to pond.

    The Thang

    P.I.T.A. Mile in Pairs

    Run around the pond stopping at turnouts.

    10 reps x 4 sets of Burpees

    15 reps x 4 sets of Mercans

    20 reps x 4 sets of Step Ups

    25 reps x 4 sets of Lunges

    Mossy back to flags.


    Break up in 2 groups of 5.

    Pax 1 runs with two P.I.T.A. Going for the long distance.

    Pax 2 does Crunchy Frogs while Pax 1 runs. Then runs the short leg of the suicide with two P.I.T.A.s

    Pax 3 does Carolina Drydock then goes to Pax 2 position

    Pax 4 does LBC

    Pax 5 does Mercans

    P.I.T.A. Sprints

    In Pairs Short DORA. running with P.I.T.A.

    50 Squat Jumps

    100 American Hammer

    150 Crunchy Frogs


    Multiple Sets of Curls, Rows, Squats and Lunges.

    5 Minutes of Mary, including Hello Dollies, Freddy Mercuries, Flutter Kicks, LBCs, American Hammers, Crunchy Frogs.

    Then we finally got that coffee!