Archives: Paraplegic in Bear Country!!!

  • When: 
  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Walk On (FNG), Dreamliner, Priorities, Pueblo, Screen Door, SpaceMonkey, SubMac
  • 6 PAX crawled out of their fartsack extra early this morning for a Bear Country Beatdown.  As we waited for the 5:30 start, out of the gloom wandered a walk-on FNG to bring it to 7 PAX!  He passed by the PAX last Wed. morning as we moseyed to the football field which sparked his interest in the workout.  After brief introductions we got to work.

    Warmarama – SSH x 20 (IC), Imperial Squat Walkers x 20 (IC), Hillbillies x 20 (IC)

    The Thang – The PAX moseyed over to the baby bleachers which YHC immediately determined was not challenging enough for the first exercise.  So it was on to the Big Boy Bleachers (BBB):  perform 1 squat on each step while lunging up to the next alternating legs.  Well the old saying held true about “the best laid plans…”.  YHC quickly realized the steps were not wide enough for the lunges so an audible was called to sprint the bleachers instead.

    Next was Level 1 Drills from the Insanity workout for 90 seconds:  Drop down and perform 10 Merkins followed by 10 floor sprints.  Bring feet in and jump up.  Rinse and repeat.

    This was followed by another Insanity exercise.  Hop squats to Merkins for 90 seconds:  In deep squat position, hop up and down lifting feet off ground.  At the cue, drop down to perform 1 Merkins and pop back up to hop squats.

    Then it was on to Stairway to Seven performed on the BBB:  Perform 1 burpees at bottom of stairs, 1 incline merkin on first step, sprint to top, perform 1 squat and run back down.  Rinse and repeat increasing reps each time ending with 7.

    The PAX gathered at the soccer goal for a Zombie Walk:  Lunge walk to the centerline of field.  Not sure about the rest of the PAX, but YHC could barely walk at this point, which spawned the title of today’s workout.

    After moseying back to the flags, the PAX circled up and performed:  Johnny Cash- On your 6, PAX hold 6″ while one person performs Captain Thor going clockwise, Boat/Canoe, and finally Dealers Choice abs.


    YHC fully intended to look up a devotional message that meant a lot to him to share but dropped the ball and forgot.  So YHC shot from the hip.  YHC described how since joining F3 he is the happiest he has been in years.  The benefits of F3 are immeasurable.  YHC’s opinion is you have to fully commit to F3 to realize the positive impact it can have on you life.  Staying committed to F3 is something YHC has to push through every day when his body is telling him to take a day off and recover.


    TClaps to Walk-On for having the guts and motivation to climb out of his fartsack and go meet a group of strangers at 5:30am to join a workout!