Archives: PAX the Pumpkin Round II at Ironclad

  • When: 20191102
  • QIC: Funny car
  • The PAX: Space Monkey, Bachelor Pad, Armstrong, Gunner, Orbit, Priorities, Marvel, Training Wheels, Dreamliner, Two Wheels, Mater, Funny car

    Thru the tunnel IC 10; Squats IC 10; Bat wings IC 10 each: arm circles forward, Overhead claps SSH, steel claps SSH, arm circles reverse; Imperial Walkers IC 10; Run around Crystal Lake, Burpees OYO 7


    Workout included 31 reps of the exercises below. Each the PAX carried PAX the Pumpkin for an exercise and run. During the exercise the PAX holding PAX the Pumpkin did 31 squat lifts while the other PAX do 31 reps of the exercise for that round. After each exercise the PAX did a Zombie run (around 200 yards). Dreamliner did not carry PAX the Pumpkin, run, or do the exercises due to his recent shoulder surgery but he did a fine job providing the count for several exercises. Lunges and bear Crawls were substituted for two runs. 

    Michael Myers Merkins

    Batty Big Boy sit-ups

    Jack O Lantern Jump Squats

    American Horror Hammers

    Monkey Horrifying Humpers

    Pennywise Pickle Pounders

    Frightening Freddy Mercuries

    Cobweb Carolina Drydocks

    Freddy Krueger Flutter Kicks

    Jason Voorhees Jumping Jacks

    Ghostly Gas Pumps

    Monster Mountain Climbers

    Devilish Hello Dolly 

    Frankenstein Frog Jumps

    Each time PAX the Pumpkin was set down the PAX did 5 burpees. A total of 25 burpees were completed. 

    For the November Quad P challenge a total of 118 big boy sit-ups were performed. 



    Funny car shared the following from yesterday’s F3QSOURCE followed by a prayer. 

    Take time to be quiet – It is the opportunity to listen

    Take time to be aware – It is the opportunity to help others

    Take time to love and be loved – It is God’s greatest gift

    Take time to laugh – It is the music of the soul

    Take time to be friendly – It is the road to happiness

    Take time to dream – It is what the future is made of

    Take time to pray – It is the greatest power on earth

    Take time to give – It is too short a day to be selfish

    Take time to work – It is the price of success


    Funny car also led this workout this past Wednesday at Bear Country and decided to repeat and rinse at Ironclad. 

    It was great to see Two Wheels back out after being away a while recovering from his kidney transplant. Prayers were definitely answered. 

    It was also great to see Dreamliner at Ironclad after should surgery this past Wednesday. Surgery was performed on his right should and he is in an arm sling for several weeks. The arm sling was given a F3 nickname, Wingman. 


    Saturday November 9 we will celebrate our third anniversary of F3 Hampton Roads with a convergence Q at Mt. Trashmore with a fellowship event after the workout. 

    F3 Hampton Roads