Archives: Polar Bear Crawl

  • When: 20180107
  • QIC: Cowboy
  • The PAX: Dreamliner Scully Freefall Cowboy
  • Four PAX came out to the Frozen Tundra Sloth Hill this morning. YHC, Dreamliner, Scully, and Freefall. Dreamliner working the curls prior to the start…Strong ! The scheduled Q Mcgruff still recovering from a winters nasty…Strep, so YHC did what I do best and “Wing It”. Get better soon McGruff.


    25 Side Straddle Hops – IC

    25 Imperial Walkers – IC

    20 Mountain Climbers – IC

    20 Situps – Yep….cold and lumpy snow.

    30 Arm Circles – IC (15 Forward / 15 Reverse)

     The Thang

    Route 66 to East Side Park – Stopped eleven times and performed Carolina Dry Docks (1-11)

    Some of the Trek was packed – easy sledding……some was not. The not definitely promoted blood flow to the toes.

    Once at the Park – Polar Bear Crawl

    YHC was feeling a little delusional and ambitious, and thought Blackjack with alternating squats and merkins was reasonable, while Polar Bear Crawling through the Tundra for about twenty feet between exercises.Don’t Q what you can’t do….so quick audible was called to reduce from Blackjack to Elevens…much more achievable…..but worked up a big time sweat under the layers of fur.Once complete we did a lap around the small playground and alternated dips and inclined merkins at every other bench (about 10 benches). We started doing 15 reps, but again modified to 10 reps in interest of time.

    Before sledding back to the flags we had an obligation to Polar Bear Slide down a few snow covered slides.

    Made our way to COT..where mumble chatter was heard pointing out the obvious strength of Freefall…..Bear Crawl …nice work.


    PAX offered prayers.