Archives: Pre-Blast #2: Speed for Need in Hampton Roads

  • When: 20180818
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • Speed for Need is invading Hampton Roads … THIS Saturday!  We are going to be running in a 5K to support Surfers Healing and the Autism Society Tidewater Chapter.  The event is going to be at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront (4th Street) starting at 7:30.  If you want to participate, you can register at the event.  If you want to potentially participate in pushing a chariot, you will need to be there early … see below.  One thing to point out, both Saturday AOs, Stinkhill and Ironclad, will be having a beatdown.  If you cannot make it to participate in the 5K, make every effort to post.  We are pulling a lot of PAX away so having good numbers at the AOs is going to be tough.  If you are coming out to the first Speed for Need in Virginia this Saturday, then below is for you!

    Please review this in advance of Saturday! As of right now, we have 1 secured track commander that is really excited for this event.  There is a great chance that we will either pick up others before the event, or even at the event.  That being said, please take a few minutes and review the below safety videos.


    1) Watch the following SHORT SAFETY VIDEOS … especially if you are unfamiliar fitting or driving a rider!!! 

    The last thing F3 and SFN wants to do is run into the back of another racer or worst yet dump a rider.

    – How to Drive:

    – How to Fit Track Commander:

    2) Remember your rider’s names!  We will be giving them a shirt before the race (or after) <sizes below>… and a medal after the race.  The assigned paxs to the individual chair will operate like a mini AO.  Whoever is pushing during that leg is the Q and needs to make sure that the pax stay together. (highly recommended you do not get Q-drenaline and leave you pax in the dust.)


    3) You are there to make sure that each track commander has an amazing experience, not achieve a PR.  Take your pace and add 5 minutes at least to it for a target.  Make sure to interact with your track commander throughout the event.  There is much more than simply pushing a ball of metal down the road involved here.


    4)I have made trios based on similar paces.  The assumed fastest runner in the group is identified as the “Spotter” to help with incident avoidance during the race.  You may need to run more than a 5K distance just to make sure that there are no surprises or obstacles that could impede our chariots or charioteers.  Besides, what could be more in the vein of F3 than running a 10K over a 5K distance, aye!  One other option is that if we only have one track commander, we could all run together.  We can discuss at the event and make an audible then.



    Racing Chair #1:   Space Monkey, Dreamliner, Screen Door (Spotter)  Track Commander: Uriah   (M – 12yrs?)         (Angel is mom) Medium adult SHIRT

    Racing Chair #2 :  Catapult, McGruff (AV guy), Cowboy (Spotter) Track Commander: TBD  (Gender – age)  Contact Number and Name  Size of SHIRT

    Racing Chair #3:   Sunshine, Average Joe, Scully (Spotter) Track Commander: TBD  (Gender – age)  Contact Number and Name  Size of SHIRT

    Racing Chair #4:   Pax 1, Pax 2, Pax 3 Track Commander: Stand by for race day 


    3) WHAT TO WEAR?

    • Wear your F3 shirt, hopefully you all have a F3 or SFN shirt!  It will make you look official and not like a creep invading someone’s team.
    • Under Armor SFN shirt (no F3 logos) $25

    • F3/SFN shirt  $20

      If you ordered a SFN shirt, I will have it for you at race day.  You can pay me 20$/$25 there.



    • 0600 Event Qs (Space Monkey & Gypsy) arrive for early setup
    • 0615 SFN Drivers (YOU!) arrive at SFN tent for last minute training & instructions

    • 0630 Pick up your packet if you didn’t do so already

    • Chat with whomever comes to ask questions at the SFN tent. Hand out business cards to EH guys to F3 and share SFN with them.

    • 0645 Track Commanders (Riders & their teams congregate at SFN tent)… introduce, hang out, fit them in chair

    • 0700 Take group pictures w/ teams and COT/prayer with Teams

    • 0720 Head to Starting line

    • 0730 5K Race begins

    • 0800 Finish race, hand out medals, BOM & take group pictures (if we didn’t get one before race), 

    • Hampton Roads PAX: Invade the beach with sculpted bodies of splendor.  Gypsy: With a welcome to invade the beach will eventually need to Pack up trailer & go home. Terminado!



    • If you end up walking, and a relative wants to push the Track Commander (they may or may not want to), then you can let them.  Just please show them how to use the racing chair.  If you are running fast, unfortunately they cannot push as they are not trained, and have not signed a liability waiver.
    • Take a few pictures and video if you can… Choppa (Gypsy’s 2.0) and McGruff will be out there getting a lot of footage, but if you see a memorable moment, snap it…. but do it HORIZONTALLY!!!

    • SFN medals for the Track Commanders will be in the bags on the racing chairs. Present the medals to the Track Commanders at the end of the walk/race, and get a picture with them.


      I may send out another email before Saturday, but call me with any questions!




      Space Monkey and Gypsy