Archives: Pre-Blast: 2nd Hour Saturday Launches October 21

  • When: 20171008
  • QIC: UpChuck
  • The PAX:
  • YHC has heard lots of mumble-chatter recently (Gomer Pyle, Shake Down, Hardywood, among others) about starting a 2nd hour workout on Saturdays about once a month.  No time like the present.

    Launch date will be October 21, 2017, for Double Dog (permanent name TBD).  YHC has the Q for Hour 1.  Anyone interested in the 2nd Hour of Power should plan to stick around after Dog Pile.  Basic plan will be to finish up Dog Pile (COT, etc.), take 5 or so to re-fuel, and start the 2nd hour about 7:10 a.m.  YHC will take the Q to start followed by a Hot Potato.  Anyone interested in Q-ing part of the workout, drop me a line.  Finish up about 8.  ET’s to follow.

    This is – coincidentally – a 3rd Saturday (2.0 friendly workout day).  For those interested, let’s plan to hold the workouts at the same time, but separately, for now.  Final decision on holding Double Dog on a Saturday other than the 3rd weekend of the month will be forthcoming.

    Anyone with an up-coming Q this week or next, please share during Announcements.