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  • PAX!!! F3 HR is entering their first official race as a team and we need YOU!

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    The Colonial70 Relay is a unique, one-day relay adventure in which you and five other pax run 70+ scenic miles through the heart of the Virginia. The Colonial70 Relay follows the last 12 legs of the Colonial200. It begins just outside of Richmond in Hanover and continues onto the Capital Trail before finishing at Jamestown Beach Park in historic Williamsburg.

    The Colonial70 Relay will be held April 29, 2017. The first flight of teams will start the 70+ mile relay around 4:00 am (maybe a little earlier) on the Saturday of the 200 mile event. Over the next several hours, additional sets of teams will depart on their journey to Williamsburg. Colonial70 teams will begin arriving at Jamestown Beach Park around 2:00 pm that afternoon.

    Teams for the Colonial70 Relay are generally made up of 2 to 6 people who split 12 legs. For instance, each person of a 6 person relay team will run two legs over distances varying from 3 – 10 miles. Each team will provide their own support vehicle to drop off and pick up runners at designated exchange zones along the 70+ mile route.  For a six person team the distances and training are similar to that of running just a little more than a 10K.

    You will also have the opportunity to stay the night before at the Chickahominy Riverfront Park in YHC’s RV.  It has room to sleep 8 less than medium sized adults very comfortably and 12 grown men like sardines.  This will also act as our base camp so you will have an opportunity to relax, grab a bite to eat, maybe play some cornhole or take a nap, when you are not running.  The park is the last exchange point, about 2 miles from the end of the race.  I have 1 site already reserved.

    We need at least 3 more participants since we have 3 hard commits already (Dreamliner, Screen Door and YHC).  If we could get enough for 2 teams, then you would have a running partner out on the trail.  If you aren’t willing to run, we could still use a van driver or two or a chef for meals back at the RV.  We can also get a $100 refund for every race volunteer (5-7 hour shift at an exchange point).  M Dreamliner has already given a HC to volunteer so get out and EH your Ms, CBDs, and perfect strangers for that matter and it will help us with race registration costs.  Admission for each team is $700.

    The whole point of this CSAUP is to get out and have fun with your fellow PAX.  Do not be discouraged by your lack of running ability.  You do not want to miss the war stories, inside jokes and general shenanigans that take place inside the race vehicles.  The price of admission is just a few miles out on the road. (and your portion of the $700…)

    If you’re interested just say so in the comments below.  Get your HC in early!  I’m certain we’re going to have at least 1 team but if you are the 7th man to commit, you may be waiting around to see if we have enough for a 2nd team.

    Starting near Richmond, the weather is guaranteed to be 70° and Sunny in F3RVA and will only get nicer as we run south.  Not quite the 75° and clear skies we have in F3HR but still nice…

    Can’t wait for all the pointless and stupid events to come!

    -Priorities Out

    F3 Hampton Roads