Archives: Pre-blast: Q-school (8/26/2017) and Sep. Challenge (#Growth)

  • When:¬†20170826
  • QIC:¬†Dreamliner
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • This upcoming Sat. (8/26/2017) will be the first official offering of Q school in Hampton Roads. This will be worked into the standard StinkHill workout and be packed full of helpful information for your first (or 20th) Q. Just going back through the material has been a great lesson to YHC.

    September’s challenge (QuadP) will focused on growing F3 Hampton Roads #Growth. The rules are simple: 1 point for bringing an FNG (FNG also receives point), 1 bonus point for both you and the FNG if he posts a 2nd time, 1 point for bringing a “kotter” back out (not posted in at least 1 month).

    To assist with the EH (emotional headlock), we have been giving out business cards (put your name and cell on the back) and have put together a flyer (see link below). Screenshot the flyer and put on social media. We will bring hard copies to post wherever you can. Most importantly though, the BEST way to EH is word of mouth. Tell people how much F3 means to you. Offer to pick them up. Tell their M you are picking them up. Buy their breakfast at Panera. Let’s #GiveItAway.

    F3-Recruitment_HamptonRoads v5.pdf

    Dreamliner (Tyler Hudson)
    Cell: (336) 817-1793