Archives: Pre-Blast: Sloth Hill Father's Day Manly Beatdown

  • When: 20180617
  • QIC: Space Monkey
  • The PAX: F3 Hampton Roads
  • 3 short weeks gentlemen, that is all the time that we have until Father’s Day!  While many men will be enjoying a much-deserved respite from the daily behemoth of manly activities all of us with a “Y” chromosome face, F3 Hampton Roads will be doing the opposite.  In true F3 fashion, having determined that a simple 45-minute beatdown would not be sufficient for such an auspicious occasion, we will be indulging our inner masochistic tendencies with a 75-minute beatdown.  Here is how it will go down:

    Each Q will lead the workout for approximately 15 minutes.  If you want to Q, e-mail Space Monkey ([email protected]).

    The theme will be centered around acknowledging the fathers that post and honoring those that have lost their father.

    We will acknowledge the fathers by doing 1 rep for each child represented.  So, if the total number of children for the PAX is 10, it will be 10 reps of whatever exercise.  Of course, we can do any mathematical maneuvering necessary to get to any target, but that will be the basis.

    We will honor fathers that were lost this year or any year prior in the COT at the end.  Bring a picture of your father so we can pose with the photos at the end.

    We will demonstrate how to be the best, albeit stinkiest, men we can be.

    SYITFDG (See You In The Father’s Day Gloom),

    Space Monkey