Archives: Pre-Election Stankhill

  • When: 20201103
  • QIC: McGruff the Crime Dog
  • The PAX: Hot Corner, Finkle, Sunshine, Cowboy(Nashville), Seaworm
  • 6 Strong PAX showed up in the foggy gloom at Stankhill for a killer Pre-Election workout.

    Warmarama- 20 Side Straddle Hop, 20 Imperial walkers, 15 Squats, 15 Through the Tunnels, 20 total Arm Circles

    The Thang- PAX moseyed around the front of the hill to Kids Cove. There they did crushed Jacobs Descending ladder. 10 Burpees then a run up and down the hill. 9 Burpees and a run and so on.

    After that the Pax ran up the spine of the Hill and over to the Rocks at the seal. There the Pax knocked out 25 Bicep Curls, 25 Tricep extensions, and then a 25 yard run out and back, then 20 2 count American hammers. Pax rinsed and repeated the circuit.

    After that the Pax moseyed back to the flag. There they paid Homage to Mary.

    COT, Announcements. Reminder that the Run was this coming Friday at Priorities house. Thanksgiving Convergence at 7000 Granby. Prayers