Archives: Preblast: New AO for F3HamptonRoads

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  • QIC: F3 Hampton Roads
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  • High Impact Men of Hampton Roads!

    Dreamliner’s desire to post every day of the week has led to some serious EHing to open a new AO.  Since quite a few of us clown car a long way to post to the epic beatdowns at #stinkhill (worth it) we’re opening up another mid week AO a little closer to home.  Bear crawling distance from Priorities’ fartsack actually (and you know Priorities doesn’t bear crawl very far…).  We’re planting the shovel flag near Eagle Harbor Lake at 0600 every Tuesday, rain or shine.  It’ll be a slightly different format than #stinkhill or #bearcountry in that we’ll start after warmarama with a run (5k or 20 minutes) around the lake (about 1 click per lap depending on your level of belief in the truth nugget that is my gps watch.) followed by a short but oh so sweet 20 minute beatdown on the ample lawn (or volley ball court if we want to pretend we’re at the beach and get sandy.)  Plenty of time to get back to your mammon or put your 2.0s on the bus.

    There is no guaranteed coffeteria afterward since we all have places to be but if time allows there is a Dunkin Donuts about double bear crawl distance away or Priorites could fire up the keurig on his back porch. (bear in mind, you wake up his junior 2.0 from her mini fartsack and his LOML will destroy you.  literally destroy.)

    Questions answered tomorrow at #stinkhill.  See you all in the gloom!

    Priorities Out

    F3 Hampton Roads