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  • QIC: SubMac
  • The PAX: Space Monkey, Tow Rope, Triple Option
  • Duckduckgoose had a strong presence this morning with 4 PAX despite 3 regulars (Deflator, Priorities, Dreamliner) being downrange.  Space Monkey started the workout because YHC had a case of bubblegut on the way to the AO and was forced to turn around.  YHC is forever in your debt.

    Warmarama:  SSH, Imperial Walkers, Plank Jacks, Carolina Drydocks.  1 lap around lake with 1 PAX sprinting 10 lights ahead and holding plank until other PAX get there.

    YHC arrived 8 mins late and gathered everyone back at the flags.

    The Thang:  Since the QuadP challenge for May is Biggest Loser, YHC decided to do the Insanity Pure Cardio workout in hopes of the PAX dropping a couple more pounds this week.

    Warm-up – 30 sec each for 3 rounds, increasing speed of exercise each round.  Jog, SSH, Heisman, 123-123, Butt-kicks, High Knees, Mummy Kicks.

    The PAX was definitely warmed up at this point since it felt more like a workout than a warm-up. Next was a few minutes of stretching where the sweat really started to drip.  At some point, Space Monkey asked if YHC brought special edition waters (i.e, kid sized).  Little did he know YHC spiked them with fortitude, so the PAX could crush the workout.

    Main workout – 15 exercises 60 sec each.  No scheduled breaks.  Time ran out and we only completed 12 exercises.

    • Suicide Drills – run a few steps right to left turning inward each side and squat down to touch ground.
    • Switch Kicks – hopping from left foot to right foot, kick opposite leg into air.
    • Wide Football Sprints – feet in wide stance sprint in place.  When prompted turn right, front, left, front again, shuffle right, left, back.  Drop down and set for sprint then spring up into sprint.
    • Stance Jacks – Hands at side when feet are together, when feet open drop into squat alternating between hands touching ground.
    • Pedal – Sprint in place.  When prompted drop to a lunge then hop up and drop to lunge on other side then hop back into sprint.
    • Hooks and Jump Rope – start with 8 right hooks then mock jump rope then 8 left hooks.
    • Power Jacks – When feet open drop into squat then power up out of squat.
    • Level 2 Drills – Drop to plank for 8 Merkins and 8 floor sprints and jump up.
    • Frog Jumps – Squat touching floor with both hands then jump backward landing in squat position touching ground then jump forward.
    • Power Knees – With weight on one leg slightly bent, hands together raised above head, bring opposite knee up to meet hands at waist level.  Repeat on other side halfway through.
    • Mountain Climbers – Reach into air alternating hands while doing high knees.  Elbow should come together with knee on same side.
    • Ski Down – Keep feet and knees together while hopping back and forth swinging your arms as if using ski poles

    COT:  YHC shared his daily devotional titled “Let the Music Begin”.  Revelation 4:8 “Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, Who was and is and is to come!”  Summary – Only God is great and therefore only God is worthy of our worship.  Let the worship of our hearts and the walk of our lives bring Him glory.


    As mentioned above, May QuadP is Biggest Loser.  You can still sign up if you haven’t already.  For everyone already signed up, try to weigh in and update spreadsheet everyday.  Makes the competition more fun.

    SubMac out

    F3 Hampton Roads