Archives: Q, Backblast, and Social Butterfly of the Week (10/16/2017 – 10/22/2017)

  • When: 20171023
  • The PAX: ALL PAX
  • Uh-oh.  After a few standard-setting weeks, we had a bit of a downturn on Backblasts.  Only 3 of 6 QICs posted Backblasts.  For that:

    But on the brightside, all 3 posted within a day!

    Because of the above, judging was a bit difficult.  But since YHC attended 4 of 6 AOs this week, I feel I have the most reasonable sample set.  So………SpaceMonkey @ #QuackQuackHonk cleans up the Q of the Week and Backblast of the Week.  SpaceMonkey is the Thinking Man’s QIC.  The originator of the “intentional thinker” exercise, he puts alot of thought, meaning, and context into his Q’s.  Evidenced here where he integrated the story of Noah into the workout and then described it artfully in the Backblast.  That’s an end-to-end superior performance.  Read it and be impressed.

    Social Butterfly of the Week:  Deflator.  What the heck.  4 posts and a QIC.  (insert picture of someone patting themselves on the back).  Also, as a head’s up, I am working with a reporter for the Virginian-Pilot on writing an article on F3 for the “Bridges” supplement that appears in the Sunday paper.  She has been assigned to do the article and will likely attend one of our workouts.  I will keep you apprised and when it comes, we need a strong showing!  Stay tuned.

    Let’s pick it up this week, men.  See you in the Gloom, and…..



    F3 Hampton Roads