Archives: Q, Backblast, and Social Butterfly of the Week (10/2/2017 – 10/8/2017)

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    (Play this music while reading – it adds considerably to the experience!)

    First, #TClaps to the QICs this week as 5 of 6 Backblasts were posted, and all of the 5 were posted within a day!!! I don’t think Big Data tracks this particular statistic but let the record show the excellent performance rounding out the responsibilities of a QIC.

    Second, #TClaps to another great week in F3 Hampton Roads.  Another attendance record set, a few FNGs, honoring those lost and affected in Las Vegas and elsewhere, the return of a near-Kotter, innovative Qs – it is clear that all PAX are making strong efforts.  Where else can we go?  Can’t wait to see.

    With all that said, it was indeed a difficult choice on weekly awards.  Nevertheless:

    Q of the Week: Submac @ BearCountry.  Setting aside YHC’s personal but respectful dislike of the Suceess Donut, anytime you see innovation like the integration of a Spirit Animal, a routine such as “Bearmuda Triangle”, and a thorough beatdown, that has to be the winner.

    Backblast of the Week:  Scully @ SlothHill.  Scully grabs this title for two weeks in a row for reasons that arguably cross over to the other award categories as well.  First, it was a Solo Q and he executed it in true spirit of F3.  **** H. I. M. NO DOUBT. ***  Second, he added a song to the Backblast that perfectly reflected the atmosphere and feel of the Q.  Great job – but – let’s avoid Solo Qs, F3 brothers!

    Social Butterfly of the Week:  Spacemonkey.  He was the leader of the First F at QuackQuackHonk (and executed the F3 Jody NEARLY flawlessly), leader of the Third F at the kickoff of the Fall Bible study afterwards, and was reppin’ F3 (alongside ScreenDoor) at the Crawlin’ Crab Half Marathon on Sunday, with commensurate posting on Facebook and Twitter.  A strong presence in physical, cyber, and spiritual space this week.

    Go back and review/comment on the Backblasts.  They are a key part of the F3 experience and a little Digital Mumblechatter is great feedback for the QICs.  Also, if you want to contribute to future voting then comment on this Backblast and we’ll work something out.  Otherwise I’ll keep up the one-man judging show.

    Keep up the good work and …