Archives: Q, Backblast, and Social Butterfly of the Weeks (11/13/2017 – 11/26/17)

  • When: 20171128
  • QIC: All PAX
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • OK, OK, YHC acknowledges that I missed last week’s awards posting.  So everyone who participated over the past two weeks gets a virtual participation trophy:

    Scully takes the Merkin Challenge, not surprisingly since he is a MACHINE.  I’m sure he got tips for the perfect pushup from this source:

    Golf-clap to Dreamliner for distant second:

    Q of the Week(s) goes to Scully for Q’ing 4 of the 12 AOs over the last two weeks.  That’s alot of innovation and dedication.  For that you get a picture of my second-favorite Scully:

    Honorable mention goes to YHC for Q’ing 3 of the 12 AOs including a solo run at BearCountry.  Its only fitting:

    Backblast of the Week(s) goes to Airwolf (DuckDuckGoose  A testosterone-filled recitation of a motivating workout. For that you get a throwback Airwolf TV Theme:

    Social Butterfly Award goes to ALL PAX WHO TWEET, POST, LIKE, RETWEET, FORWARD, WHATEVER the Virginian-Pilot article on F3.  Spread the word and