Archives: Q, Backblast, and Social Butterfly of the Weeks (11/27/2017 – 12/10/17)

  • When: 20171211
  • QIC: All PAX
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • YHC once again admits defeat to the demands of the Holiday season and a few work issues that have kept me away from some dedicated time at the computer to produce the weekly awards.  I am able to keep up some regular 1st F posts to help keep my sanity and focus balanced.  It helps that the Patriots are on Monday Night Football tonight so I can stream ESPN and type.

    Enough about me.  Onto the awards.

    Q of the Weeks:  Has to be FunnyCar at StinkHill circa December 2nd (  FunnyCar brought it on big time for our best-attended AO, by far, of the two-week period.  We ended up taking care of Sweet Mo so as to not incur a penalty.  At one point there was mumblechatter along the lines of ….”he’s not going to make us do suicides for an hour, right?”  Well, we were wrong.  An excellent Q provided with great stories in a fun mix.  Nice work, FunnyCar!

    Backblast of the Weeks:  Scully at StankHill circa December 5th (  A pretty simple but solid COT worth reading to remind us what it is all about.  Plus they named an FNG “Executioner” – lifetime acheivement award for one of the best F3 names ever.  Just don’t ask why…..

    Social Butterfly of the Weeks:  How about Dreamliner for a presence at GoRuckLite, pre-blast for the 2nd F and Colonial 200, and then a valiant EH of the DUNKIN’ DONUTS WORKER WHILE HE STOPPED FOR A “BREAK” AFTER EARLY BIRD! (  Our leader with a strong showing across many fronts.

    Honorable Mentions go to ScreenDoor and Submac for significantly late entries to catch up on Backblasts.  They held onto their accountability for completing their QIC duties and completed it notwithstanding the timing.   Aye!

    Another Participation Trophy for all 10 PAX who showed up at StinkHill on December 9th.  It was cold, rainy, and suprisingly fun.  The power of F3 was on full display as the PAX looked at each other, laughed, and endured the beatdown.  About a year ago, YHC would never thought of leaving the house on such a day.

    Press on, men, and


    F3 Hampton Roads