Archives: Q Beatdown for 2

  • When: 20180426
  • QIC: Airwolf
  • The PAX: Buoy
  • Buoy joined in this morning for the morning post at the Duck pond. Here’s how it went…..

    WARMORAMA – 25x SSH, Arm Circles, Windmills, Copperhead Squats, Imperial Walkers, Simon Says Lap.

    THE THANG – Modified Burpee Mile. Ran 1 miles stopping at each bench to do ~25 reps of dealers choice exercise then stop at each dock to perform 12x Burpees per dock (48 total). Finished w/ Lt Dans.


    A careful man I want to be —
    a little fellow follows me.
    I do not dare to go astray,
    for fear he’ll go the self-same way.
    I cannot once escape his eyes.
    Whatever he sees me do he tries.
    Like me he says he’s going to be —
    that little chap who follows me…
    He knows that I am big and fine —
    And believes in every word of mine.
    The base in me he must not see —
    that little chap who follows me…
    But after all it’s easier,
    that brighter road to climb,
    With little hands behind me —
    to push me all the time.
    And I reckon I’m a better man
    than what I used to be…
    Because I have this lad at home
    who thinks the world of me.