Archives: Q for 2 at DuckDuckGoose

  • When: 
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Dreamliner
  • Deflator Q7.0 was sparsely attended.  Only YHC and the reliable, ever-accountable Dreamliner braved the Gloom of a rainy Tuesday morning to partake.  Come on, guys!  You know how intimidating it is to work out with Dreamliner!  He’s a machine!   Remove yourself from the fartsack and get out there!

    Warmup:  30 4-ct SSHops IC; 20 Merkins; 15 Imperial Walkers disguised as Hillbilllys; 10 4-ct Mountain Climbers; and 10 4-ct Plank Crunches (From Plank Position, bend and draw legs forward and to the right, re-extend legs back, bend and draw legs forward and to the left, legs back – repeat).

    Running with Style:  2 laps around the Mighty Eagle Harbor Lake counterclockwise to mix it up a bit.  Stop at each of two piers and perform 20 Merkins (aka Pushups on the Pier).  Bear Crawl across the bridge (stay left to avoid the poop) once and sprint around the bridge loop once.  Don’t bother avoiding the standing water because it was unavoidable.  Wash sneakers upon return to home else we might need to change the AO name to Stank Lake.

    Workout:  “Ball Buster”.  12 practice golf balls in a bag – 6 labeled with how to get to and from the workout point about 20-ish yards away, 6 labeled with the exercise to do when you get there.  Pick a random way (forward lunge, side lunge, backwards run, long jump, sprint, or bear crawl) and pick a random exercise (merkins, burpees, LBCs, SSHops, Carolina Drydocks, or plank), and execute.  Repeat until the remaining balls are used.   Finished off with Circle of Pain, more like a line of pain since there WERE ONLY TWO OF US, alternating either holding 6″ or 10 flutter kicks until we completed 60 flutter kicks total.

    Count and Name-o-rama were executed as required.  IT WAS QUICK.

    COT:  Ephesians 5:25 – “For Husbands, this means love your wife just as Christ loved the Church.  He gave up his life for her.”  YHC picked this verse on the occasion of his 11th anniversary this coming weekend.  Gives a noteworthy perspective as to the committment of marriage as compared to Christ dying for us.  A seemingly impossible standard to acheive but perhaps not if you do the marriage thing right.

    Ball’ed it up and we were out.




    F3 Hampton Roads