Archives: Q of the Week, Backblast of the Week (09/11/2017-09/17/2017)

  • When: 20170918
  • QIC: All PAX
  • The PAX: All PAX
  • #RecordWeek for total number of posts across Hampton Roads for the week (pending #BigData verification).

    Q of the Week: SubMac (CSAUP: Dogpile, ETs, Reesestrong #5kTheHardWay, 2ndF at Circle K’s home). SubMac organized the Hampton Roads crew for what turned into an epic day with our brothers from F3RVA. The backblast from Dogpile is here ( However, that is only where the festivities began.

    YHC would be remised to not give Mini Me an honorable mention as the beatdown at BearCountry was a smoke fest. He gave us the first Guest Q in Hampton Roads since our concentric launch.

    Backblast of the Week: Screen Door (QuackQuackHonk — Check out the message in the COT. Keep up the good work on picking up the six. We have established that culture, one that does not exist everywhere, and it is amazing to experience.

    Side note: There were only TWO backblasts eligible for the award this week (must be posted with 24 hours). Let’s pick that up men. They do not have to be lengthy or even creative (unless you want to win the award of course). Who was there? What happened? Any shenanigans? What was the message in the COT?



    • Week is Mon.–Sun.
    • Q of the week will go the “best” workout of the week. This could be the toughest, most creative, use of props, themed, etc.
    • Backblast of the week will go to the “best” backblast as judged by how well it is written, its creativity, timing, how funny it is, etc. To be eligible, the backblast must be posted within 24 hours of the workout.
    • Looking for a third category to give out (e.g., F3RVA gives out the “Millennial of the week”). Let’s come up with something unique to our region. Respond to post with suggestions.
      If you would like to help/Q the judging process each week, let YHC know.