Archives: Q School

  • When: 20180113
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Bachelor Pad, Cowboy, Deflator, Freefall, Gandalf, McGruff, Seaworm, Screen Door, Scully, SubMac, Dreamliner
  • 11 PAX attended Hampton Roads Q School. The curriculum was incorporated into the regular #StinkHill beatdown. Hopefully, there was applicable information for the veteran as well as the VQ. A few additional nuggets are in this backblast that were not covered during the beatdown.

    The Thang
    A. I am not a professional.
    B. You are participating at your own risk
    C. You are responsible for your own well-being
    D. You are here voluntarily, and you are not paying to be here
    E. Know your limits and do the best you can

    Side Straddle Hops (SSH) x 25, In Cadence (IC) 4 CT
    Shoulder Circles x 20, IC 4 CT
    Mountain Climbers x 20, IC 4 CT

    Discussed calling two minute and one minute warnings before workout, mumble chatter, how to call an exercise, and how to count.
    1. “The Next Exercise is _______”
    2. “Starting Position … Move”
    3. “In Cadence … Exercise”
    Q: 1,2,3 PAX: 1

    Mosey to field. 3 minute AMRAP. Reps at each end of field and at half way point.
    Merkins (x10 at each line)
    Big boy sit-ups (x15 at each line)
    Wide Arm Merkins (x10 at each line)

    Between each set, a truth nugget was dropped on the PAX about Q’ing. These were
    1. It’s not about YOU.
    2. Actually PLAN your Workout
    3. If you can’t DO IT, you can’t Q IT (We do not “clipboard” in F3. You, as the Q, will need to be able and willing to do anything you call for the pax to do. That doesn’t mean you have to be “first,” but if you cannot do 20 Merkins, with proper form, in cadence, then you cannot call it and ask the PAX to do it.)
    4. Better to have too MUCH than not ENOUGH
    5. Always wear a WATCH (We start and end on-time. End time is the end of the workout and not the end of COT. Cutting workout short if several FNGs is okay but should not be the norm.)
    6. NEVER Leave a Man Behind (This is one of the bedrock principles of F3. We start together and finish together. If large number of PAX, assign a “sweeper” to this duty.)

    Mosey to top of hill.
    Rock Olympics. Practiced “How to call an exercise,” and “How to Count.”

    Mosey to 2nd methane pipe for some Partner Sets
    100 Merkins (P1 does 10 while P2 holds plank; 100 total for group)
    100 Big boy situps (P1 does 10 while P2 holds 6 inches 100 total for group)
    100 Curls (P1 does 10 while P2 holds rock above head; 100 total for group)

    Focus here is on Mumble Chatter, Morale, and Camaraderie.
    Praise individually and critique as a group (e.g., bad form on squats)
    Discussed Paying Attention to the PAX
    1. Engage the PAX
    2. LOOK at the Pax
    3. Demonstrate when needed
    4. Don’t be afraid to alter your workout if it isn’t working for the Pax.

    Back to Methane Pipe #1. Deposit coupons.

    F3 Jody (led by Deflator) during Indian Run to shovel flag. Jody covers 5 core principles.
    1. Are free of charge
    2. Are open to ALL men
    3. Are held outdoors, rain or shine, heat or cold
    4. Are led by men who participate in the workout in a rotating fashion, with no training or certification necessary
    5. End with a circle of trust

    Banana/Boat. Switch when repeating something learned. Additional Mary.

    Circle of Trust (COT):
    Count-o-rama and namerama
    James 3:1 (ESV) Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, for you know that we who teach will be judged with greater strictness.
    Teachers must hold themselves to a higher standard.
    The Q is not simply the leader of the workout. The Q is responsible for the outcome.
    Goal: Institute a 10 post rule. Q before your 10th post.
    Prayer requests
    Ball of Man (BOM)

    Naked-Man-Moleskin (NMM):
    SubMac has started rolling on the curls (see QuadP below).

    YHC does not need to quit his day job and become a comedian. Best joke of the day, “Titans are going to beat the Patriots” -Deflator. The game was not close.

    Freefall rolled in hot to the workout. It was great to have him there. Looking forward to his VQ. His FNG day was the last time we had Q school.

    Looking forward to VQs and 2nd, 3rd, 4th Qs that will come out of today.

    F3 Hampton Roads 2018 Goals are here.
    Apr. 20-21: Colonial200 relay race.

    Important Links:
    QuadP Monthly Challenges: January challenge is curls.
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