Archives: Quad P Update

  • When: 20180301
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: All Hampton Roads PAX
  • Another month draws to a close, which means that it is time to update the Quad P (Priorities’ Pointless Periodic Priority), otherwise known as the monthly challenge. Sign up here:

    For February, after a month long duel between Scully and Scout, Scully takes a late lead on the final lap after putting up a whopping 350+ flights of stairs in a single day.  Scout, not to be marginalized, has scored over 200 flights on this, the final day, and 120 of those included a 30 pound ruck.  Both HIM have put up some impressive numbers this month.  Don’t worry, there are still two hours left to get in those last few flights…

    With the Colonial 200 relay race drawing near, those PAX who are participating need to be ramping up their running mileage.  To support this aim, the March Quad P will be focused on mileage.  In order to make this more appealing to a wider range of PAX there will be categories for running and rucking.  Each PAX member is to determine their own personal goal for the amount of mileage they will challenge themselves to accomplish in the month of March.  However, as always, there are a few qualifying caveats.  First is the minimum distance.  In order to count, a run must be at least 1.0 miles long with no stops.  A ruck must be at least 0.5 miles long with no stops.  Even if you are stopping for burpees (a worthy cause), that invalidates your distance unless you have gone at least 1.0 or 0.5 miles for running or rucking respectively.  For instance if you run 1.7 miles, that counts as 1.7 miles, while running 0.7 counts as 0.0.

    As stated previously, each PAX member determines their own challenge.  The goal for the region is to have at least 15 PAX accomplish their own personal goals.  As per the disclaimer, I am not a professional and I do not know your injuries or limitations.  I have provided suggestions, but modify as necessary.  My suggestions are for PAX members running 4 legs on the Colonial 200 to aim for 75 miles this month and for those running 3 legs to aim for 50 miles.  Rankings will be determined by percentage of goal completed.  Please modify to challenge but not injure yourself.

    The link again is: