Archives: Quatro for Uno

  • When: 20180419
  • QIC: Screen Door
  • The PAX: Dreamliner, Buoy, Scout, Screen Door
  • Four PAX met for a friendly round of F3 UNO at QuackQuackHonk this morning.  After a quick warmarama of SSH, DQs, IWs the festivities began.  After an early lead by YHC, Scout had a come from behind victory, resulting in F3HR’s first multiple game day.  For the second game, Dreamliner ensured that Buoy was not wanting for cards, and managed to call UNO just prior to the cutoff time of 0610 so that there was still time for Mary of Box Cutters, American Hammers, Freddie Mercuries, Hello Dollies, Rosalitas, and Alphabets.  Although YHC was attempting to limit the amount of running in preparation for the Colonial 200, my fitbit logged approximately 2 miles worth of running to the draw pile and back.  During COT YHC told of meeting Bart Yasso (frequently referred to as the ambassador of running) last month, and how he signed my copy of his book with “Never limit where running can take you.”  We are leaving this afternoon for the Colonial 200 to have some crazy adventures, and Scout will be having his own crazy adventures on a 100 mile race (NOT a relay) next week.  If we open ourselves to the opportunity, running races are a good source of great fellowship and great stories.

    F3 Hampton Roads