Archives: Recycled and Re-Engineered Q at StinkHill

  • When: 20171021
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Submac, Cowboy, Sunshine, FunnyCar, Chipper (FNG)
  • 6 PAX converged on #StinkHill on a beautiful Fall morning – the antithesis of the “gloom” – to embark on a beatdown Carrollton-style.  This was YHC’s “VQ” at StinkHill, having performed the first 15 Q’s on the other side of the Hampton Roads region.  I hope I did not dissapoint.

    WARM-O-RAMA – 33 SSHops in varying cadence, 15 Abe Vigodas, 16 Burpees, Position Planks, 10 Mini Peking Operas


    Mosey with Style – “Getting to Know You….”  Run 1 mile circuit clockwise around Mt. Trashmore, up and down stairs as they presented themselves.  Stop each 0.2 mile, partner up and do 6 Handclap Merkins each to learn each others names and ages.  This will be needed later.

    Stop at top of Mt Trashmore, set up cones about 30 feet apart and do Top 20 Countdown as follows.  Decoder ring:  first column is done at one cone, last column is done at the other cone, getting to and fro the cones was done with the exercise in the middle.

    20 Merkins

    Forward SS Hops

    5 Burpees

    19 Merkins

    Side Lunges

    6 Burpees

    18 Merkins

    Walking Overhead Claps

    7 Burpees

    17 Merkins

    Forward Sprint

    6 Burppes

    16 Merkins

    Bear Crawl Inch Worm

    5 Burpees

    15 Merkins

    Alternating Side Lunges

    20 LBCs

    14 Merkins

    Walking Arm Presses

    25 LBCs

    13 Merkins

    Backwards Sprint

    30 LBCs

    12 Merkins

    Walking Leg Lifts

    25 LBCs

    11 Merkins

    Bear Crawl – Crawl Bear

    20 LBCs

    10 Merkins

    Walking Arm Circles

    20 Squats

    9 Merkins

    Forward Lunge

    25 Squats

    8 Merkins

    Side Skip

    30 Squats

    7 Merkins

    Crab Walk

    25 Squats

    6 Merkins

    Walking Imperial Walkers

    20 Squats

    5 Merkins

    Backwards Lunge

    4 American Hammers

    4 Merkins


    8 American Hammers

    3 Merkins*

    Long Jump*

    16 American Hammers*

    2 Merkins

    Walking Hillbillies

    12 American Hammers

    1 Merkin

    Partner Carry

    4 American Hammers


    Mosey back to Flags.  Count-o-Rama then Name-o-rama where the “partners” from the Mosey had to recite each others information.  All PAX did well, only one error requiring all to do one Burpee.

    COT:  Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  YHC recounted some teaching of his kids recently that reinforces our responsibility as male role models and influencers in life, especially with kids as I continue to grow to appreciate.

    BOM and OUT.

    NMM –  This routine was recycled and reengineered from YHCs last Q.  We were pressed for time to complete it, and the 3 Merkin row is asterisked because we continued to show our inability to count and WE MISSED IT!  Q takes full responsibility.  #Tclaps to Sunshine for pushing us all to complete the countdown, as we were running short on time and I proposed stopping but Sunshine was having none of that.  Well done to all the PAX for gutting it out to the end and giving us just a few more minutes.

    Welcome FNG Tom Allmond, forever renamed in F3Nation as Chipper due to his fandom for the Braves!

    Burpee count 49 each for 6 PAX = 294 total.