Archives: Reindeer Games

  • When: 20191218
  • QIC: Buoy
  • The PAX: Buoy, Yoast, Bing, Gator, Planer, Dreamliner, Funny Car, Doomsday
  • 8 PAX arrived at Bear Country with excitement ready to work. It was a beautiful 39 degrees and windy.


    • SSHs, 25 IC
    • Toy Soldiers, 20 IC
    • Arm Circles, 12 Fwd/Bwd IC
    • No Surrenders, 20 IC

    YHC provided each PAX a Santa hat to represent the Christmas season, however, there were a few rules. If your hat fell off during the workout you suffered a penalty of 5 Burpees OYO. We only had one casualty (Yoast).

    Mosey 2 laps around Bear Country bus loop.

    The Thang

    • Running with Rudolph; 10 Mt Climbers IC followed by 10 High Knees IC
    • Snow Angels, 20 IC
    • Reindeer Skating (Blades of Glory), 20 IC
    • Punching the Abdominal Snowman, 20 IC
    • Santa congratulating flight crew; double tap shoulder touches, 20 IC
    • Lap around Bear Country bus loop
    • Reindeer Relay Race; details below

    Goal of the relay race was obviously to win but YHC wanted to create some laughs and I believe that was successful.

    1. Create 2 teams and each team chooses their reindeer (PAX)
    2. Each team is supplied with a pair of tights (Antlers) and balloons.
    3. Each PAX on your team runs a lap while blowing up their balloon. That balloon gets added to the tights when lap is completed.
    4. PAX not running the lap alternated between 10 Squats OYO and 10 Merkins OYO until it was their turn to run.
    5. Next PAX on the team starts their lap; rinse and repeat until each PAX has ran 2 laps adding their balloon upon each successful lap. Note: If a balloon pops or does not fit then another lap with a new balloon is required.
    6. Once team laps are complete you should have a complete set of antlers with at least 8 balloons (4 in each Antler).
    7. Team Reindeer handpicked in the beginning of the game donned their Antlers and as a team PAX pranced one last lap.
    8. First team to the finish line wins.

    Both teams successfully completed a set of Antlers and crossed the finish line at about the same time for a tie. I think a rematch is in order. PAX Bing and Gator made great Reindeer and PAX could not stop laughing. YHC face was hurting from laughing so much.


    The workout speaks for itself as to what YHC was trying to accomplish. It is important not to take yourself to seriously, so YHC created an environment where that would be impossible. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!