Archives: Return of the "Ball Buster" Q

  • When: 20170720
  • QIC: Deflator
  • The PAX: Deflator, Dreamliner, Submac, Clifford, Scout
  • Warmarama:

    33 SS Hops IC

    10 4-ct arm circles, each Direction, slow progresison from horizontal to vertical and back

    4 4×4’s

    The Thang:

    Empowered by Submac’s warmup Dora at last week’s VA Beach Workout, YHC decided to perform a Dora on the Run for the first workout.  Pair’ed it up.  One lap around the Mighty Eagle Harbor Lake, stopping at one of several waypoints and to complete a Dora – 100 Merkins, 150 LBCs, 200 Squats.  In retrospect, too darn easy.  We pounded that out in no time.  F3 purports to dramatically increase our fitness level.  Check.  Doras are the new warmup routine.  Bring it on.

    The second workout is called the “Ball Buster”, unoffically named “The Exercise Dreamliner and Deflator Did When Nobody Else Showed Up.”  Ah, what special memories that we can now share with more PAX.  12 practice golf balls in a bag – 6 labeled with how to get to and from the workout point about 20-ish yards away, 6 labeled with the exercise to do when you get there.  Pick a random way (forward lunge, side lunge, backwards run, long jump, sprint, or bear crawl) and pick a random exercise (merkins, burpees, LBCs, SSHops, Carolina Drydocks, or plank), and execute.  Repeat until the remaining balls are used. I don’t know if Drealiner picked up on this, but YHC added a few more reps to some of the exercises compared to last time.  Lots of mumblechatter and sweat throughout, but all PAX persevered.

    The third workout was a Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – all PAX bear crawl until one yells stop; all PAX do 5 Merkins; all PAX resume bear crawl.  Repeat until all PAX get a chance to yell STOP.   Very difficult.  Only PAX with max endurance complete it without a knee to the ground.



    COT – YHC is departing for a week of travel and 2 weeks of vacation.  Unfortunately, there are no AOs where I am going.  Although bittersweet since I am so close to getting my name burned into Lady Glittersparkles, the bigger picture here is to take some well needed rest from work and spend some dedicated time with the family.  Lots of reflection on the 3rd F discussions we have had lately, and it’s all good stuff and all makes sense.   I commit to keeping up the 1st F on my own while I’m gone!  Carry on, men!  You will be in my thoughts, mostly as I dream up new and innovative beatdowns.