Archives: Rinse and Repeat

  • When: 20171024
  • QIC: Scully
  • The PAX: Cowboy, Dreamliner, Scully
  • YHC not only has been lazy about posting this backblast, but was too lazy to come up with an original beatdown this beautiful Tuesday morning. Instead a recycled solo Q was dusted off in an effort to push the burpee count up for the month.
    * SlaughterStarter  20 Burpees  OYO
    * ContraBurpees  10  OYO (Burpees with an increasing number of Merkins with each rep)
    * 4 Corner Burpees  (Run to all 4 corners of the parking lot where 10 Burpees await)
    * Deconstructed Burpees  10  OYO  (10 each of Air Squats, Leg Thrusters,  Merkins, and Squat Jumps
    The Thang
    * Mosey to Scully Park to perform a Route 66 around the loop (increasing number of Burpees at each bench from 1 to 11)
    * Mosey to the pullup bar where one pax performed 10 Burp-Ups while the others did an AMRAP of Burpees
    * Reverse Route 66 around the loop (decreasing number of Burpees at each bench from 11 to 6… Clock forced a premature end to the fun
    * Mosey back to the flags


    Keep giving it away,


    F3 Hampton Roads