Archives: Rucking F3 Grandstrand Style

  • When: 20190711
  • QIC: Dreamliner
  • The PAX: Scully, Average Joe, Cinco, Gunner, McGruff, Dreamliner
  • Last week YHC had the privilege to be downrange in F3 Grandstrand. Five posts for the week gave some good material for a few Qs. Here is one of them. A repeat of #Waverucker (their Wed. ruck workout).

    The Thang:

    Mosey (ruck style) to picnic shelter

    PT Session 1 – all with rucks
    Merkins x 20 OYO
    Squats x 19 OYO
    Get-ups x 4 (each side)
    Flutters x 20 IC – press or hold ruck – your choice
    Up and Overs x 19 IC
    Ruck Swings x 4 (2x=8) OYO
    Curls x 10, into tri extensions x 10, into Curls x 10, into tri extensions x 10,
    Alternating shoulder presses x 19 OYO
    Incline Merkins x 7, right into derkins x 7
    Step ups x 10 each leg (=20)
    Dips x 19 OYO

    We would now ruck to the kid’s cove, which was closed.

    PT Session 2
    This was dealer’s choice in F3 Grandstrand. We repeated their exercises.
    Hoser called for an overhead ruck walk with a stop at each light and an OH Ruck squat
    Lombardi had us overhead ruck back to the other side
    Rousey called for Flutters x 12 IC
    High Interest went pure legs with 7 lunges each leg
    Dreamliner called for 15 Hodors – demonstrating this full body brutality
    YHC (One Call), indicating it was still strong into beach body season, called for 10 curls of your ruck with EACH ARM!


    Off to the playground (Scully Park)

    PT Session 3 – which we will now call Crossfit Ivan

    7 minutes (5 minutes for us), 7 reps each exercise, do it all, do it with good form, do it hard, you versus you
    Merkins with ruck – regular, diamond, or wide arm – your choice and vary as desired
    BBSU’s with ruck
    Various forms of pull-ups, chin ups, side to side ups

    Rinse and repeat and keep going til time is up!


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    Circle of Trust (COT):

    We all need to have PAX in our lives who can speak truth into our lives. Today, YHC gave explicit permission to any PAX to correct me when they see me messing something up in my life. Do not wait until I have to pay the consequences.
    Ball of Man (BOM)


    #StinkHill AO (Saturday mornings from 7-8am) has relocated to Hillier Ignite Fitness Park located on the oceanfront at 36th Street. This new AO will be named Ignite and in addition to the sand and surf, offers the Pax an opportunity to utilize the wide array of fitness apparatus available on site. #ignitevbfitness

    Colonial 200 Relay ( September 13-14. Let Cowboy know if you are interested.

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